Sunday, June 5, 2016

So Much Vegan Goodness at Trader Joe's!

Cilantro, Tahini sauce, Strawberries, bananas, oranges,spinach,pink lemons, and 2 tomatoes

Frozen mango, chocolate truffle bar,pizza dough,fruit bars with chia seeds,mango mochi, and pita bread

English cucumber,red potatoes,pickle popcorn(!!), Ataulfo mangoes, smoked paprika and ground ginger

Basmatti rice, coconut cream, and garbanzo beans

Close up of the pink lemons! I didn't even know these existed!
They look like mini pink grapefruit!!
No need to say that I went to Trader Joe's yesterday! I got there about thirty minutes after they opened, so it was much more pleasant and relaxed. Although there are lots of people who have the same idea as I, so even at eight thirty in the morning they're pretty hopping. They are still out of the vegan marshmallows, but I was told they should have them this week. Apparently they were not expecting the response they got, which is everyone wants some! The guy I asked said he is a vegetarian, but avoids gelatin himself. We had a nice chat about how GROSS gelatin is, and how whether you're veg or not, it should be avoided. It's times like that when I'm blissfully reminded that I am in Seattle, not in Erie anymore. I did get my hot little hands on the mango mochi, and suffice it to say these will be a summertime staple. I need to stock up, because mango must be a theme for this month, they had mango EVERYTHING! Mango Joe O's, mango cereal, mango licorice, mango dressing/marinade, just total mango overkill. Did you ever have that one friend who wore all the accessories at once and it was just too much? Well, Trader Joe's is that friend, and mango is the accessory. They also have frozen mango bon bons! It's mango sorbet covered in dark chocolate! I almost got them, but I just stuck with the mochi. But since mango seems to be a theme, I'm scared the mochi will disappear! These mochi have mango sorbet on the inside with a center of mango jam. They are very sweet, but not too sweet. I am in love, I'm obsessed. I have heard some people say that they don't like the outside texture compared to other mochi. I am not a mochi expert, so I can't say if these are exactly how they should be, but I can say that for my unsophisticated self, these are AHMAZING!! And they taste like real mango, not mango from a beaker!
The kitties were super interested!
Something for my friends!
I got a new double wide cat scratcher for my babies. This was pre-nip. Things got crazy once the cat nip was passed around!
The pickle popcorn is also my new favorite snack. I don't know if you knew this, but it's Trader Joe's policy to let you taste stuff if you don't know if you'll like it! I asked the cashier if she had tried the popcorn, and she said she like it, and next thing you know she was opening the bag so I could taste. Then, they got me an unopened bag! She said they'd put the opened bag in the break room. So, that's one more reason to love Trader Joe's! I don't know how they did it, but the popcorn is not greasy, it doesn't have a weird powdery feel, and the pickle flavor is perfection. It's like the flavor was infused in the kernel somehow. It's really delicious if you like pickles.
I was so sneaky!
I had to take a picture of that price! That's the cheapest price I've seen, especially for Ataulfo mangoes! I was so scared to take the picture, because I'm pretty sure Trader Joe's frowns on pictures and videos. I'm getting so brave!
I had to take a picture of the GORGEOUS day yesterday! This was while I was waiting for my bus. The building way in the background you can barely see behind the trees is my apartment building!
I did not do my budget challenge shopping. I didn't spend a whole lot, but I did spend more than thirty five dollars. I was too obsessed with finding the mochi and marshmallows. Summer fever is messing with my mind!
Pita with homemade hummus, and cucumber salad with a side of fries!

 For dinner I was craving a salad-y type thing with hummus and pita, so I used half a can of garbanzo beans for some homemade hummus, and then the other half got tossed with some diced cucumber, red onion, cilantro and lemon juice. They all combined to make the perfect sandwich! The hummus was really garlic-y, and all that raw red onion made this a perfect single person meal! Ha ha.
This sign in the bus shelter was another of those ah ha moments when I realize how far away from Erie I am. In Erie this would be a poster promoting Trump. For every Bernie sign I see in Seattle, I always think of Erie, and imagine all the lawns peppered with Trump signs. He speaks their language. Anyway, I love you Seattle!
If you take anything away from anything I've said ever, please try mango mochi and pickle popcorn if you're able!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Yessss!!! I went to Trader Joe's today too but made the unfortunate mistake of going way too late in the day so it was a zoo. I only needed a few things though and I grabbed the mango mochi too! I also saw mango flavored waffles and popcorn to add to your list! Mango is the pumpkin of the summer, ha! That is an amazing price on the mangos though!

    I've never seen pink lemons before! Do they taste different? I'm intrigued! The pita meal looks super yummy too and hooray for kitty pics!!!

    1. That is so hilarious, mango really is the pumpkin of the summer! The pink lemons are just a little sweeter maybe? I squeezed a pink lemon in my water this morning instead of a regular lemon, and I wouldn't say it's sweeter, but it also isn't as tart as a regular lemon. They say you can make pink lemonade with them, but I don't know, my water isn't any pinker than usual.

    2. Update, this morning I added the juice of a whole pink lemon to my water, and I could actually taste a big difference. This might sound weird, but it tastes like Old Country pink lemonade, except minus all the fake flavorings and crap. I hope I can get more of these lemons!

  2. I was also wondering if I should pick up the mango bon bons but just went with the mochi; don't know if I would like the combo of mango & chocolate. I also like that they're not too sweet. Now you've convinced me to try the pickle popcorn :)

    1. I wondered the same thing, mango plus chocolate, does it work. It's kind of been bugging me, so I probably will try them when I go to Trader Joe's again. Or I might just buy a tub of their mango sorbet because that stuff is GOOD! The pickle popcorn is so good! I always thought it sounded a bit strange, which is why I hesitated for so long, but it is not weird at all!

  3. Honestly...there aren't that many Trump signs! Thank GOD! I saw 3 individual signs prior to the primaries! They are all down at the moment but I am sure there will be more after the convention. Sigh. There are more Bernie followers than you may think LOL :) Trump terrifies me to no end!

    That Pickle Popcorn sounds fun and flavorful! YUM!

    1. The pickle popcorn is amazing! I cannot imagine anyone in Erie supporting Bernie! I can't believe he's actually running for president. This is a scary time.

  4. OH...and if you were living near me...your pink lemons and mini grapefruits might go missing HAHAHAHAHA

  5. I'm so excited the vegan marshmellows have been so popular! Hopefully they become an all the time item and not just seasonal...
    I tried those mango mochi and they are SO good! I often eat the frozen mango semi defrosted as dessert or a snack. The regular mango sorbet is amazing.
    The mango mania at TJs is totally out of control- it's like everything in the store!
    Oh, and I blatantly take photos there all the time and no one has ever said anything to me

    1. The guy I was talking to said he's pretty sure they're going to be an all the time thing. he said they became way more popular than they had expected!
      The mochi are soooooo good, and they have the best frozen mango, I swear. The next time I go I plan on getting the sorbet. I have to have the sorbet after trying the mochi!

  6. I already ate all my mango mochi! I am constantly getting hungry right before work and I grabbed the mochi before heading out, feeling a little guilty that I didn't grab something more nutritionally benificial, BUT there is a lot of vitamin c in those things! There must be a mango bug out there because I got frozen mango too. XD I rarely pick that up. But I did not see those mango bonbons! OMG! I wish I saw them. I hope they have them within a month. Trader Joe's a little out of the way for me, and I tend to stop by after my doctor's appointment since it is on the way home.

    1. I know, I don't know if mango mania is going to be for the whole summer, or if it's just for one month. I would think they would want to extend it, because it seems to be really popular!