Thursday, January 14, 2016

MidWeek Munchies Thursday is Back!

Well, I braved the wind and the rain and the crowds to get some groceries. I still need to make a trip to Trader Joe's, and also I need to bulk up at Whole Foods, but I picked up a few basics at Fred Myer. I have been living car free for over fifteen years, so long  that I almost forget what it was like to drive and own a car. The only time I wish I did have a car is when it comes time to get stuff like groceries. I don't always feel like riding the bus to a million different places to get things. Especially when you are feeling vulnerable in any way. Public transportation is not for the weak or vulnerable. Last week I was on the bus, and no joke I was the only person on the bus, and some guy gets on and picks the seat right behind me. No big deal right? Wrong. He starts hacking up a lung, and it was that super germ-y, super phlegm-y kind of cough. Dude, you clearly know you're sick, so please don't cough on my neck when you don't have to.
Back to food. I guess I'll start with a tasty quesadilla I had today for breakfast. They're just refried beans and some tomato cayenne Chao slices but they really hit the spot. I added some cilantro and green onion and dipped them in Tapatio hot sauce. Quick and easy and super satisfying.
While I was preparing this and getting my vitamins together, Chunk decided the view is better from my cupboard.
Keeping an eye on the shenanigans going on below. If he were a human, he would love to cook. He loves to eat, and he loves to see what's going on in the kitchen.
Back to what my post was originally about, groceries!
This Fred Myer's is the only store I have ever seen this flavor of kombucha in a bottle. It's always in the little red bull looking cans everywhere else. I wonder why? It really tastes like Asian pears, and I just really love it.
I was watching someone on YouTube, and they said that adding fennel to green juice is amazing. They said it makes it really crisp and fresh. I love the freshness that celery and parsley give green juice, so I figured I'd give it a try.
Both of these were impulse buys, but they were on sale, and I couldn't pass up the deal. The burgers were on clearance for under three dollars a box! I really enjoy Amy's foods, but rarely buy because in my opinion they're too pricey. So when I see sales I usually can't resist. And who can pass up tofutti cuties?
And I found this hot soybean sauce, in parenthesis it says it's mapo sauce. I was thinking I might experiment with the cauliflower recipe I love so much by using the same batter and bake method, but use this as sauce instead. It's free of fish sauce which is not always easy to find.
Today is a rare sunny day in Seattle, and I could use some vitamin D so maybe I will venture to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.
I also plan on responding to the comments I haven't yet responded to. I'm making myself do a little more each day. I'm definitely working on smiling because it happened.
By the way, this was of course my MidWeek Munchies post. No matter what, some things may never change, and Thursday is my Wednesday!


  1. Those quesadillas look so yummy. I kind-of want to make some now. lol. But I shouldn't, my tummy is still healing from this weekend and something fatty probably not the best.

    I hate cars, and I have to agree I mostly like them for shopping for heavy things. When I lived in Philadelphia I think I ate less fruit and veggies because I didn't want to lug it 1.5 miles. I also don't like busses (they always feel like they will topple over) but most US cities don't have an awesome subway system like NYC. I love the subway so much. I was lucky that Philly is very bike friendly (even more since I've left) so I could bike all the way to Ikea for cheap house stuff or to the supermarket and get lots of heavy fruits and veggies. Now I miss the days of walking to work or taking the train into NYC, even though it takes more time overall than driving.

    1. That's when I miss cars is when I need heavy stuff, or if i need to stop at several places. There's a thrift store right next to the Grocery Outlet I shop at, and there have been times I've been like WHY!!! Because I can't carry groceries and furniture on the bus! Seattle is very bike friendly, but to be honest I am way too terrified to ride a bike in the street with cars.

    2. I always encourage people to try biking in a city, it is really empowering to pedal your way throughout a city. But I am aware it can be super scary biking less than a feet away from a car (I would be so close that I could touch cars). But oddly I felt safer in that situation because cars respected me more than in suburbs, where no one knows how to drive with bikes. IF you ever feel up to it, I suggest looking if Seattle has a biking coalition, they usually help with presenting laws and safty tips for biking.

    3. It is something that is a goal of mine sometime, maybe.Ha! I watch a vlog channel on YouTube where the couple bikes everywhere, and it does seem safe, and they really enjoy it. I'm sure Seattle is as safe as possible because many many people ride their bikes. Even the last mayor rode his bike to and from work! And I definitely agree about the suburbs!

  2. I have to get in touch with MaryEllen and see if she can do more weekly codes for us!