Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So Far So Good

It took me quite some time to get this picture of Chunk. He used to almost pose for me, and sometimes he still does, but other times he just can't be bothered. He was too busy bugging me to pull the string around my apartment. As you can see, they also like the big twist tie they put on greens.
Well, today is day two of my potato cleanse. Yesterday went really well, although my shopping bag full of potatoes was a little heavy on the way home! I kept it pretty simple for my first day, but I spent a lot of time looking up potato recipes online!
For breakfast I just made some oven fries and doused them with malt vinegar.
For lunch I made a huge salad with lettuce, red pepper, and celery. I wanted to add a tiny handful of croutons SO BAD it hurt. But I resisted.
The crunch was much needed and very appreciated.The red peppers I got at Whole Foods, and they are exceptionally sweet. I also made a delicious juice with orange, carrot, red pepper and turmeric. Of course I forgot to snap a picture of that, and it was by far the prettiest thing I ate/drank all day!
For dinner I was going to make mashed potatoes, but I changed my mind and made a hash brown/home fries kind of thing. I wanted to make it super low oil, so I started the potatoes off in a pan with a very small amount of coconut oil, and then water sauteed after that. The oil is what really helps with that super tasty crispiness that I was going for. So dinner was just okay. I have a lot to learn about water sauteing I think. I doused the finished product with hot sauce, and dipped in ketchup so of course condiments make everything better!

If I make this type of potato again, I will use more oil for sure. I'm all for low oil, but some things just need it.
Tonight I'm going to play around with mashed potato pancakes. I even saw a recipe for Samosa potato cakes, with peas and everything! I hope to come up with some fun ways to eat potatoes.
I didn't take a picture of myself, because I just didn't want to. But I took a good hard look at my trouble area, and will take a good hard look after ten days. Maybe I'll find a tape measure at a thrift store, or maybe I even have one, so I can take measurements. I'm much more comfortable with measurements than pictures or scales.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm glad it's going well for you! Everything looks really delicious. I bet the potatoes are super filling too. Are you obsessed with her potato song intro and outro too? I will not eat another potato without singing that song :D

    1. I have been singing the potato song for days! I love it. Potatoes are very filling. I keep making more than I can eat, because I forget how filling they are!

  2. Yum! Yum! And sweet pic of the kitty!