Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Humpty Dance

Beets, cilantro, pineapple, apple, spinach, and ginger
I've been looking for a glass pitcher or a glass jug ever since I got my apartment. I like to have cold green tea in my fridge at all times. I went to several thrift stores, and could find nothing. I found a pitcher that came with glasses at a random stop at Ross Dress for Less, but alas it was cracked. It's been very warm in Seattle, so I bought some Mango Iced green tea from Trader Joe's, but it has sugar, and it's just much cheaper to make your own. Anyway, I stopped at Target on my way home yesterday, and all they had were tupperware style pitchers, and I really want to avoid plastic containers as much as possible. I went into the kitchen area, and I saw a big mason jar that was perfect for the job!
Iced tea
They have a bigger, gallon size jar that will be perfect for when I start brewing my own booch again. It's the small things that really excite me.
When I got home, I wanted something simple but comforting and healthy for dinner. I decided to make lentil Joe's!
The hot sauce makes it art!
I loosely use the recipe for Snobby Joes from Veganomicon. It's one of my all time favorite recipes. Last night my version varied a lot, based on the ingredients I had. I haven't yet gotten chili powder, or cumin for my spice shelf(the shame) so I used some dashes of hot sauce along with tomato paste and a little water. I also have no ketchup, so I omitted that. I subbed agave for maple syrup too. What I really love about this recipe is it's very easy to play around with the ingredients and still have a tasty end result. I've used brown sugar instead of agave, I've used ketchup and tomato sauce instead of paste, and a million other subs. It's a very inexpensive recipe, and it makes a ton. I like to play around with the leftovers too. they're good inside a baked potato, grilled inside a tortilla, I once made a casserole with brown rice, some kind of vegan cheese, and the leftover Joe mix. I imagine this would be a big hit with kids. I just remembered another delicious use for leftovers- it's great stirred into your favorite vegan mac and cheese recipe. The tang of the Joe mix goes great with the creaminess of the mac and cheese. I'm sure it would be delicious served on top of a grilled tofu pup, or whatever vegan dog of your choice.
I realized my other picture doesn't really show the size of my new jar. here is one next to a regular size glass. I feel much better after clarifying that fact!
Yesterday was also my first day taking the Garden of Life Raw Kombucha and you know that little energy/good feeling boost you get when you dink a kombucha? Well, I got that shortly after taking this supplement. I needed it too! I'm impressed so far, so thanks again Jennifer!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Loving the beverages you are posting :)
    That beet one has some amazing color going on!