Sunday, August 16, 2015


Yesterday was cool and overcast all day.  I was craving warm lentil soup for breakfast as opposed to a freezing cold smoothie. I had a few odds and end that needed to be used, so soup it was. I threw some onion, garlic, and ginger in a pan with a little coconut oil, and and added the last two or three tablespoons of tomato paste hanging around my fridge. I added some S&P, crushed red pepper, and some red curry powder. Then, I added some red lentils and water, and allowed the magic to happen while I did yoga.
It was warm, and spicy, and of course creamy because of the red lentils. That's one of my favorite things about soup, you can throw bits and pieces of odds and ends, a few seasonings, and you usually get some tasty results. Although I want summer to last forever, I am starting to dream of butternut squash soup, and other creamy dreamy soups. It's like a big hug from someone you love when you eat a bowl of soup.
I was doing the Craigslist job hunt thing yesterday, which can really bring a girl down. Between the search, and the grey day, I just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to cook last night. I remembered that I had picked up a package of Trader Joe's vegan Tikka Masala in the frozen section last week. I put that, along with an ear of corn from the Farmer's market in the oven.
I love that it has a V in the corner, and Vegan in the name!
I loved this so much! I struggle with cooking Indian food myself, I just always feel like I add too much, or too little of everything. The gluten/soy chunks are a really great texture, and the sauce is sooooo delicious! I worried about how rice would turn out in the oven, but it was light and fluffy! My only complaint is that I wish there were a little more rice, or chunks to help soak up all of the delicious sauce. I had some leftover roasted potatoes that I used as utensils to sop up every last drop.
Easy, delicious dinner!
I will definitely be keeping a few of these in my freezer for quick dinners, or lunches. I can't remember exactly what I paid for this, but it was Trader Joe's, so I know it was a deal. Once again, thumbs all the way up for my boyfriend Joe!
I watched a YouTube video the other day and the person made sushi rolls(vegan of course!) and they looked so delicious, and really easy to roll. She didn't even use a sushi mat, which I always thought was necessary. I love the webz! Anyway, it really made me crave veggie rolls, so today I will be picking up some sushi fixin's. Hopefully I will be able to share some pictures of some pretty rolls! I must find wasabi, or wasabi powder. I feel that wasabi is an extremely important part of the sushi experience. I love the thought of sitting down to a sushi dinner that I rolled myself. That's some good energy food.
Do you, or have you ever rolled your own sushi?


  1. Soup! YUM! It's been a while since I have made any of my own but the time is coming soon! The only thing I like about! I'm catching up on the posts I missed while away! Thanks for commenting on my latest! That TJ's Masala sounds wonderful, too!

  2. I love soup, and that's the one reason I look forward to fall and winter too! I loved that you save that litle mouse!

    1. It was a sweet lil guy! He looked pretty shocked I hope he ended up being ok!

  3. So glad you liked the Tiki Masala! i miss it!

  4. I bet you miss it! The soy/gluten chunks are the perfect texture!