Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Cat Really Does Love Daiya!

I finally found it!!
I was at the grocery closest to my apartment looking for something, and I stumbled across this new daiya mac and cheese! I of course had to snatch a box, because I have never eaten mac and cheese with a cheese pouch before, vegan or not. This mac and cheese uses gluten free noodles so that's a bonus for all the gluten sensitive people. Daiya offers three varieties- Deluxe cheddar style, white cheddar with veggies, and deluxe Alfredo. The store I was in had the white cheddar with veggies, and the Deluxe Alfredo. I chose the Alfredo . It's very easy to make, you just boil water, cook the noodles for seven or eight minutes, and then stir in the contents of the pouch. I have to be honest, this was not my favorite. It tastes not so much like Alfredo, more like the mozzarella shreds melted into a sauce. The ingredient list says there are spices, and onion and garlic, but I couldn't really taste anything but daiya. Before Chao, and the new FYH cheese, I used daiya here and there. But I learned that a little goes a loooooong way. If you love the taste of daiya, you will absolutely love this mac and cheese. It was pretty pricey, this box was over five dollars.
When I first tried the Earth Balance boxed mac and cheese, I wasn't too crazy about the yellow cheddar, but when I tasted the white cheddar(blue box) I was really impressed. I would be willing to try the other flavors to see if they are any less daiya-y, but I would have to find a sale first.
Dylan however gives this mac and cheese all the paws up. He was being super finicky about food yesterday, so I gave him a noodle just to see, and he ate it right up! So, I gave him a litle more, and he was all over it. He doesn't understand how I could turn my back on daiya. He does not approve of my affairs with Chao, and the new FYH. And he feels like this is worth every penny. I din't give him too much, because of the garlic and onion in the ingredients, but I might have to pick up another box just for him. So, mixed reviews in this house.
Have you tried any of the vegan packaged mac and cheese?


  1. I haven't tried Daiya's Mac & Cheese YET but want to - I have tried Earth Balance and it's pretty good for packaged.

  2. I agree. I especially love the white cheddar Earth Balance. If you like the taste of daiya, you will love their mac and cheese!!

    1. I hope to find more Daiya Products here SOON but I bet it will be YEARS sigh

  3. I'm sorry! I remember those days!