Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's a Great Day!

I want to start this post by wishing KRS-One a very happy birthday. He is a very vocal vegan, and a legend in the hip hop world, and a hero to me. He never sold out, has always come from a place of conviction in his heart, and although he is very well respected, he obviously could have had a lot more fame and fortune if he would have just gone the bitches and riches route. Happy Cow  has him listed as vegetarian, which is incorrect.  Here is an article that includes KRS-One, and some other awesome hip hop artists who are vegetarian and vegan. If anyone watches, or has watched Vegan Gains on YouTube, this song will sound very familiar. You should definitely listen to the whole song! Wow, this has been a linky kind of paragraph! Here's to another amazing year for someone who speaks his heart, and always stands up to the man!!!
Sitting in the tuna aisle at Target, right above the cruel tuna.
Dylan has been very finicky about food lately, and tuna is something I can usually get him to eat. I was surprised and happy to see this fishless tuna in Target of all places! This is the second type of vegan tuna in a can I've seen. Vegan food really is expanding! I feel like I should try it for the blog, but I am so sorry this is one vegan product I cannot bring myself to try. Vegan fish in a can is too wrong for me to consider. There is one other vegan product I'm pretty sure I will never try, and that is the Vegan Magic Bacon Grease. The thought of bacon grease, vegan or not does not appeal to my taste buds in any way. I wasn't raised with that weird jar of "grease" on the windowsill. But how amazing is it that these things exist in vegan form? What a wild world.
I missed you so!
I made Pudla for dinner, which is a savory chickpea flour pancake. The very first recipe I ever used for this delicious dish is this recipe. I added corn, spinach, and green onion to mine. I usually make two cakes as opposed to one big one, because I have flipping issues. These are one of my favorite breakfasts, or I guess dinners too. I also had a salad with Romaine, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, and of course, Goddess dressing. And to me, no pudla is complete without a healthy dose of hot sauce! I have yet to see chickpea flower in any bulk bins, although I haven't checked Whole Foods, but I always buy Bob's Red Mill, and it's a pretty good price, and the bag yields tons of pudlas!
Happy Thursday!!!


  1. I remember TUNO from YEARS ago and I don't think it's being sold anymore. I tried another brand and it SUCKED so I will be on the lookout for this one :)

  2. Yea, I've heard some pretty bad things about the other brand. I jus't can't remember the name. This kind might be good. The picture on the can looked decent!

  3. I just bought a can of vegan Toona. Plan to post on it. Hope it is good. I am okay with Vegan Fish, but Vegan Pork I will not do.

  4. I can't wait to hear about it! I've heard mixed reviews.