Friday, August 28, 2015


Miso veggie soup

My take on a Buddha Bowl
These pictures are rather blah, but the food in the pictures was anything but. I finally got some miso, something I have been missing. I simmered an onion, some garlic, carrot, Tuscan kale, and edamame in some water with a little soy sauce, and then added in some miso, and served it over some very thin rice noodles. Miso soup is a great way to start the day. It's very energizing. I had a weird day yesterday, and nixed the walnut taco idea for another night. I was craving a bowl, with a great sauce over it. I feel like bowls are soup without the broth in the sense of being very comforting, like a big hug.I roasted some chunks of butternut squash with some potato chunks, white beans, S&P, and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning, made a little massaged kale salad, and cooked some brown rice. I used the cashews I had soaked, along with a little lemon juice, some S&P, and two tablespoons of garlic tahini sauce. Not just any tahini sauce, the BEST sauce. It's called Karam's Tahini Garlic Sauce, and it is totally local. I missed this sauce soooooo much while I was away. It's sod in almost all groceries in Seattle. It is thick, and garlicky and super savory. I love it as a dip for anything, and I love it on sandwiches, and it makes a mean sauce!
I'm going to peruse Grocery Outlet today, so hopefully I will have a fun haul, and some gorgeous food porn for everyone tomorrow! And we're sooooo close to Vegan Mofo! Happy Friday!


  1. Oh! Nice dishes! Yum! Speaking of MISO...have you tried SeaClear yet? OMG...get some!!!!! Great stuff!!!!

  2. Ooh, thanks for the tip. I had never heard of that, it looks like great stuff.