Monday, August 3, 2015

New Spices and Fruit!

Last week I was eyeballing different melons, and a golden honeydew was recommended to me by the produce guy. It was the perfect time to try something new, as melons were on a super sale. (Yay summer!) It looks just like a honeydew, except that it's.. you guessed golden. I decided to cut into it yesterday for breakfast. When I  first cut it in half,  I thought it wasn't ripe, as it was very light like regular honeydew. I guess I expected the flesh to be golden as well. I tasted a piece, and I could tell it was ripe. It is super sweet, and tastes like a super charged honeydew. I love it, and plan to buy another one.
So sweet!
It looks sooooo white in the picture. It's not that white, I promise. I love discovering new fruits in the summer!
Speaking of fruit, I woke up to find my poor pineapple on the floor again. I hope everyone had fun chewing, that baby is getting cut this morning. The poor leaves have been mangled!
This week I am focusing on getting a job that does not involve me serving meat to people. I am over serving people any kind of food to be honest with you. I wouldn't care at this point if i never saw the inside of another restaurant in my life. That might sound extreme, but it is how I feel. Unfortunately serving and bartending are what I have the most experience doing. I saw an ad for a dog walker that pays well, but one of the requirements is having access to reliable transportation. I hope they consider metro reliable transportation! I have a feeling they mean a car, but I'm going for it anyway. It seems so silly that a job with walker in the name has to have a car! Life. Anyway, there are several vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Seattle, so if I do have to continue to be a servant, at least I can try to avoid serving flesh.
Tastes like summer!
This was dinner last night. Another roasted corn on the cob, a green salad with Goddess dressing, and some potatoes roasted with a little coconut oil, and some red curry powder. I found the curry powder at Grocery Outlet, when I got my large spice haul. I have never noticed this spice blend before, and it's really delicious.
The ingredient list is funny. It says: spices, including coriander, cumin, chili pepper and red pepper. I'm sure there are more spices than that in this mix. It's not too spicy, and tastes like curry and Garam Masala had a spice baby. I really like it on potatoes.  If you like curry, and you see this stuff, it's worth a try. I'm thinking I might make some curried tempeh salad with this stuff.
Happy Monday!


  1. Fresh Fruit! YUM! Red Curry powder? Excellent!

  2. The red curry powder is so delicious! I am going to pick up the Raw Kombucha today! Woot woot!

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  4. I've noticed that ingredient 'catch-all' phrase with a lot of items, making it really difficult to narrow down exact ingredients to duplicate a product. It's very frustrating. BTW, did you ever get a chance to make that caramelized onion hummus? I was thinking about trying to incorporate this hummus into one of those vegan meals I'll be preparing. This would be a tasty attention-grabber for sure. I'll have to ask about the availability of garbanzo beans, since they weren't on the food list provided. (*new question added to the growing mega-list of questions :-\)

    There are vegan-friendly, karma-positive jobs out there so you'll definitely find one :-). Good luck with the job search!

  5. I'm going to work on a version of that hummus this week, because I've been craving it! Hummus tossed with pasta is really delicious, that could be a nice, filling dinner! Or of course it would also make a good sandwich spread for lunch. If I have any success, I will print the recipe!
    I really hope I can find a vegan friendly job. I feel like I am meant to do so much more than serving people slop. But I guess everyone in the minimum wage job sect feels that way.
    Have you made a connection with your potential sous chef?

  6. Nothing better than a great piece of fruit.