Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rolling in the Greens

Broccoli leaves.
I saw this big, beautiful bunch of organic broccoli leaves at the store, so I decided to switch up my greens game. I usually alternate between kale and collards. I was a little under the weather yesterday, so I made a big green juice with these leaves, spinach, Romaine, and a handful of cotton candy grapes. It was a beautiful green color, and the grapes made the juice super sweet, even though I put tons of greens in it. I tasted a leaf on it's own, and it reminded me most of collards. Here's an interesting article on ways to prepare these leaves. I'm glad to see greens trending, and new greens coming in to trend. That's a very good thing in my humble opinion.
As I mentioned, I was feeling a little off, so i wanted to get lots of vitamins into my body. I mustered up the energy o roll some veggie sushi, and for my first attempt, it wasn't too horrible. It was my first time cooking sushi rice, so I think next time I will do better, it was a little stickier than it should have been, but still totally edible. My rolls could have been tighter, and they definitely weren't all the same size, but again pretty good for my first attempt.
Sweet potato, and avocado rolls
I made avocado and sweet potato rolls. I really liked the sweet potato rolls more than I thought I would. I think that practice will make perfect, and soon I will be a sushi master, as I plan on making these rolls often. It's very relaxing to prepare everything and roll the sushi. And they are so pretty, you just know they're going to taste great!
I felt like I was maybe coming down with a summer cold yesterday, and with my sleep being so off, I feel really vulnerable to cooties. So, I drank tons of both green, and orange carrot juice, and I took a great ginger detox bath. I've talked about this before, but it really helped me yesterday, so I feel like it's worth repeating. This is the second or third time I've felt something not right going on, and flushed it out with a ginger bath. You can use fresh grated ginger, or the easier way use organic powdered ginger. I've read that powdered ginger is a bit more effective, but I have also read that real ginger is more effective. Ahh, the webz! Anyway, sometimes I include Epsom salts, sometimes I don't. Yesterday I did, I added about a cup and a half of the salts, and about two or three tablespoons of powdered ginger. I soaked for about thirty or forty minutes, and felt headache-y and blah for about an hour or so afterwards, which I always assume is part of the detox process. After that, I felt great, and had enough energy to roll some sushi! I've been taking ginger detox baths for about a year now, and I feel like my health has improved greatly. You can add essential oils and such to make a really nice fragrant bath. Make sure you have the water as warm as you can handle, because the key here is sweat. Also, make sure you are drinking lots of water. I made the mistake once of not drinking enough water, and I got a little woozy. As an added bonus, your skin will feel the softest it's ever felt when you get out.
Have you ever taken a ginger bath?


  1. Last year for our rooftop/container garden at work we had a HUGE Broccoli plant that had LOTS of leaves but never produced a head of Broccoli so I used some of the greens for smoothies :)

  2. That's so funny! I never thought about broccoli leaves before. I'm glad I found them, they make great green juices.

  3. Great that your apartment has a bathtub. I havent been near a tub in years. Wish I could try out the new bath bombs and such.

  4. I lived in an apartment for a year that had no bathtub, and I missed a tub. I just always feel better after a hot one.