Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Baked!

Started my day with a green salad....
I really feel great when I start my day with a big salad. It sets me up to want to continue to make good choices. This one had 1 heart of Romaine, 1 Persian cucumber, 4 sliced baby peppers, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, and of course Goddess dressing.
I decided I wanted to bake something using some of my vegan white chocolate chips, (before I eat them all straight out of the bag.) and I decided to make some vegan blondies, using white and dark chocolate chips. I decided to go with this recipe. I followed it exactly, except I added some white chips to the mix. They turned out amazing. They were given enthusiastic thumbs up from a non vegan as well.
Pretty little blondies!
I really challenged myself, and made the blondies, got them in the oven, and made some black bean tacos. I say challenged because to cook two things at once is no easy feat in a small ass kitchen. I've come to the conclusion that I need to be more organized and tidy in the kitchen while cooking. I tend to be like the absent minded professor in the kitchen. Organized chaos I like to say. So, I guess getting it together won't kill me. When I watch YouTube videos, and they have all their vegetables chopped, and all the spices measured out in little bowls, I always think man, that makes it so much easier, I need to start doing that. But I never start doing it. So, I pulled off baking a dessert while cooking a meal, while stepping over kitties, and I didn't burn anyone or anything, I didn't step on any tails, or cuss any one/thing out! Success!
I watched a movie called Your Sister's Sister on Netflix last night, and one of the sisters is a vegan.  When we first meet the vegan, she is  eating dehydrated banana, which is not an attractive food. It of course turns into a joke, with her trying to defend it's deliciousness, which is a hard sell even to me because it looks really grody. Why do movies do this? Couldn't she have just been eating a banana, and her veganism be introduced in a more positive manner? There's another scene where she makes gluten free vegan pancakes, and tells everyone how these are her famous cruelty free pancakes. Well, it turns out she didn't have some of her ingredients, and she made some swaps, and the pancakes are awful, even she admits it. Everyone makes mistakes in the kitchen, and making swaps can mean failure, or success in non-vegan and vegan dishes. It was the kind of humor I've come to expect in more mainstream movies, and sitcoms. I expected more from a movie of this quality. And of course a good steak is what the doctor ordered for the vegan sister, that would solve everything, and show her what she's missing. If they would show realistic vegan food, people could see that we're not missing a thing. I know the jokes are happening less and less, and veganism is definitely less of a joke, but it still makes me cringe when I see scenes like that. We don;t only eat brown and green food!! Rant over, other than the played out vegan jokes, it's really a good movie with some great actors.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I hate that crap in movies and tv as well. Lazy way to get a cheap laugh.

  2. Very lazy. It;s very boring too.

  3. I'm not a baker - I really need to work on that! Your baking looks and sounds amazing! Thumbs Up!