Saturday, June 20, 2015

There's No Hiding My Excitement!

It's really happening! I am leaving this town so soon, I can feel it. Next Friday will be my last day at work. Woot woot! I just can't believe the end is so close. I have spent some really hopeless, dark days here so seeing the light is so amazing! I know that once I am safely in Seattle, and I reflect on my time here, I will realize some lessons I learned. That seems to be the way these things work. I know that there has to be some reason why I made this wrong turn in my life. I was so optimistic when I first moved here. I wanted things that were suggested to me to be true. I was told that I would very much be able to be myself, and that has never proven to be true. I have never felt more repressed in my life. It's a horrible feeling. I also learned something about the cost of living. I am not a person who works in the professional sect. I am more in the minimum wage sect. When I was living in Seattle, and having various financial struggles, my parents would go on about the lower rents here. Well, here's what they neglected to factor in. As a restaurant server, it is legal in Pa. to be paid $2.73 an hour!!!!! If you have the misfortune of working at a place where the tips aren't the greatest, well you can do the math I'm sure. Anyway, it just kind of hit me last night as I was mentioning to some customers and co-workers that after next week I was gone. I can smell the Seattle air, and I can envision all the hipsters that I have a new appreciation for. I feel that things that used to drive me nuts about Seattle will just roll of my shoulders! Maybe not the rain, because although I adjusted to it, it always drove me insane! I am a sunny sunny person. Who knows, maybe San Diego will be in my future!
What are you excited about, or looking forward to in your near future??

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