Thursday, June 4, 2015

Coco Whip is So Much Cooler!!!

So yesterday was a gorgeous late spring day, sunny and about seventy degrees. It was one of those rare days when you won't hear a lot of complaints about the weather. I needed some paper towels, and a walk so I decided to walk the trek for some eco friendly paper towels at the Co-op. I of course had to mill around, and grab some more of  those amazing concord grape fruit stix. If you run across these, I strongly urge you to try them, they are like the best twizzlers ever, minus all the nasties! They are made out of one little thing, and that's concord grapes! I decided to check out the frozen section just for kicks, and I found not one, but two vegan treats I have been wanting to try for soooo long, I almost forgot about them! First, Daiya pizza!! Woot. Although I have completely abandoned Daiya cheese for Chao, (much to Dylan's chagrin) I have been really wanting to try their frozen pizza for as long as they've been available. I very rarely buy frozen pizza's because they are too expensive  in my opinion but I made an exception. The Co-op got a few of these pizzas by accident, and so they just marked them at a discount to sell them quickly. This pizza was $7.99, which is scary, because that is the discounted price. Anyway, the crust is also gluten-free, and still vegan which is kind of a rarity. This will be a nice treat on a night when I just can't be bothered to cook. As you can see, Dylan is desperate for anything Daiya related! Onto what maybe my favorite new vegan treat ever in the history of vegan treats. So Delicious Coco Whip! I couldn't believe my eyes, because I had requested this way back before the holidays, and asked a few times, and then I guess I gave up. Well let me tell you it was more than worth the wait! It was love/obsession at first spoonful! It is so light and airy just like not so Cool-Whip, and the taste is sweet, and creamy, and not as coco-nutty as I thought it would be. As you can see by the strawberry picture, a) it really is light and airy, and b) I had to defend the berry against some super interested predators of the feline variety. Dylan gives it four paws up. He loves coconut oil, and I give him tastes of non chocolate coconut ice cream, so of course he would love this! As soon as I bit into the strawberry, I had an emotional reaction to it. It took me back to a really happy memory with my grandpa, eating some kind of cake, maybe pound, or sponge, some kind of sweet, dense cake. We would put fresh sliced strawberries, and whipped cream on top. Pretty sure my family considered Cool- Whip to be whipped cream. I had a similar emotional reaction with Chao. It reminded me of certain people and times. I would, and plan on proudly serving this to any non-vegans I know, especially skeptical ones. I bought the original this time around, next Co-op trip I will try the light, just to see what the difference is. Price wise, this was less expensive than I had imagined,  I paid around $3.69 or a nine ounce tub. I would pay triple for this stuff, it's that good!! This stuff was made for summer berries, and pies!

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