Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lots of Baby Vegetables!

Sometimes simple tastes best!
I bought a bag of baby gold potatoes, and I think this is maybe only the second or third time in my life I've cooked with these. They are usually more expensive and also harder to find than regular potatoes. A little side rant about organic potatoes. Does anyone else notice that nine times out of ten grocery stores only sell organic potatoes in bags, as opposed to loose? I try to look through the mesh to check the quality of the potatoes, but it's hard to make sure they are okay. I don't like to buy potatoes that have a green tint, because they have a toxic chemical called solanine, and it's not the greatest to eat this. I have gotten burned many times as it's not always easy to see the green tint in the fluorescent lighting of the grocery. I like to pick out my own fruits and vegetables. Anyway, this plate of food was so simple and delicious. I just roasted some of the baby potatoes with a little olive oil(extra virgin) some sea salt and pepper, dried oregano, and a few cloves of garlic thinly sliced. I love how the little potatoes cook so quickly(20 minutes) and the skin is nice and crisp, while the center is soft and fluffy. I also made a salad with Romaine, sliced scallion, sliced baby sweet peppers, and some sliced baby cucumber. Man, I ate a lot of baby vegetables! I'm a monster! Ha. It was a simple, and light dinner that really satisfied me. If you are a grilling type of person, I bet these would be delicious wrapped in some foil and cooked on a grill! They would also be adorable on a tofu/vegetable kebab as they cook so quickly!
I also wanted to share some great news for animals! One of my go to YouTube fitness channels is Sean Vigue Fitness, and I just really love his yoga and Pilates workouts. Well, the other day, I came across this video and I clicked it, expecting to watch about half of the video before getting repulsed by all the meat. As I was watching, it was all stuff that I eat, and he eats BEANS every day, and credits BEANS for having protein! He also doesn't seem to be too obsessed with protein or carbs, which I like because I've noticed people can get really obsessed with one or the other. Anyway, I was so happy because he recently was a meat eater, and although he very occasionally still eats fish, I feel there is a possibility that he might faze that out as he continues. He talks of how amazing he feels, and he looks great too, so you know he is spreading that message, and he is living by example. He mentioned in the video how people notice that he is looking leaner, and more defined. Although he seems to be coming from a place of health, does it matter? I say no. He is still choosing to not eat animal products, and that is saving lives which is what matters. And along with his YouTube channel, he also teaches classes where he lives, so his success with plant based eating is getting out there, and I love it. And it's wonderful to see people who are in the fitness industry thriving and glowing with vitality, because that is one of the huge myths of the vegan diet, that we are all wan, and weak and worn down from our lack of "real food". Ha in your face meat eaters!

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