Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm So Close!

Hello Gorgeous!
Simple, but rich slurpy noodles!!
I made good use of my half package of rice noodles. This dish would have been better with vegetables and tofu, or at the very least a little green onion and cilantro, but it was still  tasty with just red curry paste, a container on lite culinary coconut milk, and lots of Sriracha!I now have no more half packages of pasta!
I read this amazing article. I actually heard about this over a month ago, and have been meaning to talk about it, but I guess other things got in the way! I have always loved Jon Stewart, even before The Daily Show. He used to be a stand up comic, and no shock here he was hilarious! I just want to watch Fox news with Jon Stewart, kind of  Mystery Science 3000 style once in my life! Anyway, this was really no surprise to me, as both he and John Oliver quite often devote portions of their show to exposing factory farm atrocities. Should we ignore this amazing, compassionate thing Jon Stewart and his family are doing because Jon Stewart is not a vegan? I'm sure there are a million different opinions, mine is I couldn't be more excited, and it just makes me love him even more. Imagine how many Daily Show fans will come visit the sanctuary, hear the horror stories, and start demanding change. We need things to change, and being judgmental about whose diet is the healthiest is not saving animals lives. There are people who genuinely don't know the true evils of factory farming. Some people don't want to know, because they don't want to give up meat, and they don't want to feel guilty when they eat. We need people in all areas of life joining the fight. Maybe there are some people who will trust Jon Stewart more because he isn't a vegan! They might listen to him more, because he's not some tofu eating, wheat grass sipping weirdo. And as Jon and his family learn more about what goes on, and get closer to these animals, I can only imagine more and more vegan dishes will be popping up at the Stewart house.
I'm off to what just might be my last trip to Wegman's! I guess I might make one more trip for road trip food, but this will probably be the last time I walk the mugger's alley, and take the treacherous bus ride! Woot woot! I feel so happy to say goodbye to mugger's row, and the horrible, diabolical public transportation this town has to offer. This might even be the last bus I take in this town. Not enough WOOTS!
Do you love Jon Stewart?

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