Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Almost What I Ate!

Blackberry, strawberry, mango, frozen banana smoothie
Green Juice
rice, baked tofu, veggies with Wasabi Teriyaki sauce yum!!
I had a big green salad for breakfast, and some crackers with hummus, but other than that this is a complete what I ate yesterday! Speaking of smoothies, I have to have a mini rant. I have no one to share this with who will understand my frustration. I saw a huge billboard for Sheetz, which is a gas station, store type thing. Anyway, they had a huge billboard advertising their new "smoothies". The flavors are bubblegum, and cotton candy! And the colors are scary. One is blue, like the fake blue used for blue raspberry stuff, and the other color is a pink that is never found in nature. I am certainly not trying to be the food police, Sheetz has every right to sell junk, and people have every right to buy/consume junk. But at least other places selling "smoothies" full of gourd knows what, have some type of fruit in there with all the other weird ingredients. These smoothies aren't even pretending. Just call them shakes, that's all I ask. This is the kind of thing that companies do that drives me bonkers! There are people who will buy one of these thinking they are making a healthier choice, when they should have just gone or it and gotten a chocolate shake. Chocolate shakes are probably better for you, as they have less artificial colors. Smoothies have been a trend for awhile now, and the word smoothie is equated with health. So, there are people that will believe a baby blue frozen beverage with whipped cream and sprinkles on top is healthy, because it's called a smoothie. They must have snuck some kale or something in there somewhere , right?  So frustrating! I wish I could let everyone taste the smoothie I made above. It was so sweet and delicious, no one would want whipped cream on top! Imagine if places like Sheetz sold ripe mangoes, instead of bubblegum smoothies.
This is my last full week in this city. I can hardly believe I made it. I keep trying to think of anything positive, anything I will deeply miss, and all I can come up with is I guess I'll kind of miss Wegman's, and the Co-op, but it's okay, I'll live. Not to mention I will be trading those for Trader Joe's, Farmers Markets, and so on and so forth. I guess what I will miss most is Wegman's caramelized onion hummus! Ha! That doesn't say a lot for this town does it? Look for a recipe in the next couple of months, once I get settled in, because I can't live without this stuff!
Today I am apartment hunting on Craigslist. It should be pretty stressful because the rent there is diabolical. In order to keep myself sane, I will be making Raw Walnut Tacos, on page 111 of  The 22-Day Revolution.  This is one of Beyonce's favorite recipes, and I've read ravings of walnut tacos before, and have never had them myself. I bought a beautiful head of butter lettuce for the taco "shells". I read somewhere that walnuts are good for stress, so it seems like a perfect recipe to try!
Happy Monday!!

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