Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fun With Butter Beans

I used to buy this vegan cheese made by WayFare when I lived in PA. I think WayFare is maybe an east coast company because I've never seen their products in Seattle or SLC. The cheese is made with a base of butter beans and oats and it is so creamy and cheese-y. I was thinking about that cheese and butter beans the other day, and I decided to try to make a butter bean mac and cheese!!
I picked up this pasta from Trader Joe's to use. It's tiny little elbows, more like what you find in boxed mac and cheese.
So Tiny!

I soaked about one fourth of a cup of raw cashew pieces, and blended those with some water, a can of butter beans and some seasonings.
I used turmeric, nooch and garlic powder for seasoning. I also threw in a couple of slices of FYH American style just to make it extra decadent! It really didn't need the extra cheese, but I had it so why not add it! When I make a cheese sauce made from beans or veggies, I never feel too bad adding some vegan cheese.
I had mine topped with green dragon sauce. This was really, really delicious. The butter beans are really so creamy! I definitely need to make a butter bean hummus! I was going to post the recipe, but I still want to tinker a bit. I used ACV for the acid, and I think maybe lemon juice might be better.
Look at who is most pleased with herself? I swear Kiki is happiest when she has found that perfect, sweet cuddle spot!!!


  1. Awww sweet cuddle bug! How adorable!

    This mac n cheese looks incredible! I need to make some mac n cheese soon, it has been way too long!

  2. Butter beans are so good and creamy, using them as a base for cheese sauce is an excellent idea! I look forward to seeing your recipe.
    And what a marvellous cuddle pile!

  3. Your mac and cheese looks fantastic, and oh my goodness, Kiki is so adorable!

  4. I didn't know Wayfair used beans! Now I really want to try it out!