Friday, September 21, 2018

Oodles of Noodles for Two Bucks!

Yesterday's prompt for Vegan Mofo was Four for $4. Since it's just me I didn't want to make that much food so I decide to make a meal for two for two dollars. I used pantry ingredients and bought two fresh items for the dish.
I made a tofu and veggie stir fry with rice noodles. I had tofu and rice noodles plus green onion, so I bought some cabbage and a few mushrooms.
The noodles were $1.19 for the whole package and I used half, the tofu was $1.49 and I used half, I used $. 60 worth of mushrooms and $.50 worth of cabbage. I used three green onions and paid $.25 for the bunch, so pennies. I used soy sauce and sesame oil with some sriracha for the sauce which are pantry staples. I did spend a little over two dollars, but also this made enough food for three people. It also came together in under twenty minutes so it's an easy, tasty meal after a long day! And who doesn't love noodles!


  1. That looks completely delicious. I've been craving noodles quite a bit lately. Maybe I'll throw together something like that tonight. I have everything on hand but the cabbage and since I need to nip into the grocery store after work anyway....

    Thanks for the dinner idea! Happy Friday.

  2. Ooh those noodles look amazing! You seriously make the best dishes, that looks like something you'd get at a restaurant. And so affordable! I definitely need to get some rice noodles for my pantry.

  3. That looks like such an incredibly delicious budget meal!

  4. Totally impressive!
    I swear cabbage is like the best value vegetable ever- one head can make so many meals! Soy sauce and sesame oil together make magic....

  5. So amazing! Food here is so expensive even on sale compared to other places. I would struggle to go beyond rice and lentils (which, as you know, are delightful).