Friday, September 28, 2018

All Things Vegan

My second batch of homemade kombucha is on it's second ferment so I decided to try this new to me kombucha I spotted at Winco. I was not a fan. It's so cloyingly sweet. It takes a lot for me to say that because I like my kombucha more on the sweet side. Butt this tastes as sweet as a regular soda and it just did not taste good. I looked up the company and they said they're making kombucha for the ninety percent of people who have never had it. I take that to mean they're aiming this for soda drinkers. I wish them luck but this is not for me!
I still have never tried these! These are hard for me to find and usually the price stops me. But luckily Winco is vegan friendly and has the deals! These were under five dollars a box and I couldn't resist!
Yesterday's Mofo prompt was TV Trays What's your TV dinner? I always think of bowls of soup or pasta when I think of eating in front of the TV.  I just happened to have an urge to try and make vegan meatballs. I just can't say or type balls without giggling like a twelve year old! I used this recipe for the balls. Ha ha. They turned out PERFECT! I baked them first and then let them simmer in some homemade marinara. The texture is amazing, they remind me a lot of the gardein version, but these are cheaper and gluten free. I will definitely make these again!!
I keep my extra towels on the bottom shelf in my bathroom. Besides the pink sweater this is Kiki's new favorite place to sleep! This is why I come out of the shower covered in cat hair!!!


  1. Hooray for Winco and their awesome deals on yummy vegan things! Those bars are goooooood, I'm glad you are able to treat yourself! I've never had a Kombucha that was super sweet, but I can imagine it being unpleasant, haha! Your "TV dinner" looks delicious!

    Kiki looks so cozy on her towels! Too cute!

  2. The salted caramel ice cream bars are awesome; I'm glad you were able to find them on sale! Your dinner looks great, and sweet Kiki!

  3. Hahahah balls! They look great though! And I'm so glad you're brewing your own booch now. It's so easy and so much more affordable. It pains me to pay full price for a bottle now.

  4. I shy away from any sweet or too fruity flavor kombucha- some people love that mango one from GT but it was way too sweet for me. Total bummer to buy some and have it be a clunker.
    Oh! Speaking of- i found the new seasonal flavor GT for fall at trader joe’s- and that’s a pass. Kind of blah considering they advertise it has spices and such. Nothing special to seek out.
    Those lentil balls sound so good! My favorite burger patty is a lentil/mushroom/walnut combo which is really similar. And pasta and meatless balls is a classic!

  5. Heh, balls. They sound amazing!

    That kombucha sounds not so great. I don't like it when it is very sweet! I guess the soda crowd is what they are going for.

  6. The vegan balls sound good.

  7. Sounds like that kombucha is for my older sister. She likes sweeeeet cocktails and sugar on her sugar cookies. Too sweet for me, I am always finding myself cutting down sugar in baked goods.