Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I've Gone Rogue and Cats!

I am not a meal planner which is one of the number one reasons I am doing my own theme for Vegan Mofo. This week the theme is budget so I thought I would follow some of the prompts but sadly NO. Today's prompt is Leftovers day one. Make a meal with the intention of doing something different with the leftovers. I had several ideas because I love to refurbish leftovers. But last night I wanted a potato and red lentil curry. Which is actually a dish I was going to make for a different prompt!! But it's what I wanted and I had all the ingredients so once again I'm going my own way! Is anyone else a spontaneous eater? Being that I'm on such a tight budget I know meal planning and prepping is a huge help. But I turn into a petulant child when I meal plan. I resent myself and I throw tantrums. It's bad.
I added some peanut butter which I've been loving in curries. I am kind of on theme in that curries make THE BEST leftovers! In fact I prefer making this in the morning, and then reheating it after work while I make the rice. It just tastes better the longer it hangs out.
Although Kiki and Etta both still love the pink sweater, they've decided that the blue blanket on the couch is also pretty cozy. Here they are holding paws. It's sometimes too much!!


  1. I do love some spontaneous eats! I usually pick meals for the week, but pick and choose what to cook according to how I feel. Though there have been a few days where I will crave something and will run to the store and buy what I need for it. Usually pizza XD

  2. I always try to meal plan but I rarely stick to it because I rarely ever want what I planned when I plan it! That is also why I try to meal prep freezer meals so I can just grab meals as I want them without worrying about them going bad in the fridge if I don't get to them. If I meal prep early in the week I'll will eat those meals but I don't have a ton of luck meal planning just because what I want is too unpredictable.

    That picture of Kiki and Etta is just too much!! How sweet! <3

  3. I don’t call what i do meal planning because it’s rarely that specific, but i do usually prep a bunch of stuff in the weekend for the coming week. In the summer that’s something like a batch of barley or quinoa, some salad dressing, and lots of cleaning and chopping veggies. Wintertime it’s a new batch of soup or stew every weekend and a pan of roasted veggies.
    Then when i have a random craving for a specific flavor i can mix and match what’s on hand with one or two other ingredients.
    Your kitties!! Can’t handle so much cute in one place.

  4. Your curry bowl looks so good! I planned out what to make each day for Vegan MoFo, but I keep changing the schedule, sometimes the day of, haha! I really appreciate the flexibility of having my own theme this year! Love the paw-holding; how adorable!

  5. I haven't added peanut butter to curries! What a great idea! I also eat spontaneously. Sometimes a mood is a mood. Your cats are precious as always.

  6. I am the planningest planner who ever planned plans.

    Those little paws... holding each other... too cute!