Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Day of Budget Vegan Eating

Here is the inside of my clearance watermelon! It was perfectly sweet and juicy, definitely didn't belong in the trash. I had half for breakfast and juiced the other half with some green grapes.
I guess this was kind of my lunch. Mixed berry smoothie with maca powder, flax seeds, half an avocado, banana and of course mixed berries. The avocado makes it so creamy and filling!
I had some green grapes that weren't the best for eating but combined with the sweet watermelon they made for a great juice!
Dinner was kind of a fail, but an edible one. I was craving sushi and had all the ingredients except the only rice I had was Basmati. Don't try to make sushi rolls with Basmati rice! It's just too fluffy which is great, just not for sushi. I just made sushi burritos instead, but they were really messy and annoying to eat. I should have just made a sushi bowl!!
Tomorrow I'm going shopping for week two of Vegan Mofo. Since my theme is all things budget, I'm going to do a thirty dollar zero waste challenge. I'm going to use a mason jar to collect all my trash for the week. So I'm going to hit Winco's bulk section hard! I've tried to cut down on my waste but honestly sometimes I allow myself to buy something over packaged and make some kind of excuse and I want to stop doing that. I'm excited to get back to my roots and share my recipe for my go to lentil soup which has nourished me through many hard lean times!


  1. Can't say I've ever been a fan of watermelon juice, but the beautiful color of the liquid in that glass actually looks extremely appealing. And despite the assembly fail, you're definitely making me crave some sushi right now. It's been a long time since I've had any.

  2. That watermelon looks perfect! Good luck on your budget shopping and zero waste challenge!

  3. That watermelon looks so lovely. I love fresh watermelon, and I love watermelon juice.
    Looking forward to seeing what you get on your budget shop!

  4. Such a great find with the watermelon! My own attempts at rolling sushi are pathetic at best, so sushi bowls are my go to.
    The bulk section at Winco is so impressive i’m sure you can make tons of recipes just from that aisle!
    I was reading an article about “root to top” vegetable cooking, basically not wasting any part of the vegetable which was really interesting- like using onion skins for stock, and chopping and braising the thick green stem parts of cauliflower.

  5. Hey there, and Happy MoFo!

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  6. That watermelon looks incredible! I would never think to add grapes to a watermelon juice but I bet it's delicious! The sushi looks great to me! I don't think I'd ever be able to roll them that well!

    Looking forward to seeing the results of your budget/zero waste grocery haul!

  7. Good luck on your zero waste challenge! I am terrible at it, but I know I am better than most Americans- which isn't saying much.