Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Asian Market Haul

Veggie Gyoza, nori wraps, rice cakes,enoki mushrooms, fried tofu, fresh jackfruit, green tea, green onion, mushroom powder, baked tofu cutlet,coconut milk,soft tofu, green tea with ginseng
I went to the Asian market on Saturday. You won't find better prices anywhere for tofu an so many other items!! I went specifically for mushroom powder.  I watch a lot of The Viet Vegan on YouTube and she uses mushroom powder in a lot of soups and sauces that she makes. It gave me the push to take the bus I hate the most to the market! I spent around twenty one dollars for all this stuff!
 Soft tofu stew for dinner last night. I made a broth with gochujang, some of the mushroom powder and  the white parts of green onions. I also added some toasted sesame oil, soft tofu, enoki mushrooms, and rice cakes. It was spicy and soothing and really delicious! The mushroom seasoning is a flavor enhancer, like MSG without the MSG.
Here is a close up of the seasoning I found. Apparently not all brands are vegan so make sure to check the ingredients! This bag was around four dollars an as you can see it will last for a very long time!! Honestly, between the Asian market and bulk bins you can have so much variety in your diet for very little money!


  1. OMG that haul and that soup look phenomenal!! I definitely have some ideas for the next time I head over to H-Mart. I have heard so much about the mushroom seasoning, I have to pick some up along with some gochujang. Yum!

  2. The Cheap Lazy Vegan has made several iterations of that soup on her channel and I always drool over it. You're lucky you were able to get that tube of soft tofu. The only time I attempted to make the soup I had to sub silken tofu because my Asian grocery store doesn't carry the tubes (for some reason). But it was an EPIC fail, anyhow, because I used a pre-mixed spice packet that was completely barf inducing. So I had chuck the whole thing. Looking at your pic, I'm knowing I must try this again.

  3. Your stew looks amazing, and the mushroom seasoning sounds really good!

  4. I love any kind of ethnic market for expanding my food options. Your stew is beautiful.

  5. Fun!! I LOVE asian markets! I always go home with some fun new condiments, lots of tofus and long beans, baby bok choy, etc. I’ll certainly look for that mushroom powder, your stew you made sounds great! Those chewy rice cakes are one of my favorite things, they soak up all that flavor in a broth too

  6. I love Asian grocery stores, they have so many good things in them. My friend bought some mushroom powder in a huge bag for very cheap a while ago, it indeed lasts for ages!