Monday, May 25, 2015

We've Come a Long Way

I wanted to share this yoga video I discovered last week. I've been meaning to share, and it just seems to slip my mind, or I get blabbing about other things. Anyway, I really enjoy this YouTube yoga channel, there are yoga flows for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. He has the same soothing, calming way as Lesley Fightmaster, another of my favorites. I know yoga is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it has helped me get over many of my issues, and every time I am able to achieve a posture that ha s been very hard, it just gives me such a great feeling. Yoga is also helping me work on my patience. I've noticed as I become more patient with myself, I become more patient with other beings, and life in general. I've been doing more yoga lately to combat some anxiety and loneliness I've been experiencing. I have some anxiety about moving back to Seattle, don't get me wrong, I am overjoyed to be getting the hell out of Pennsylvania, and for that matter the east coast, however Seattle is beyond expensive, and I have lots of memories of really struggling, and losing everything. Not having an outlet to express how I feel is becoming a bit much, so I have been increasing yoga. It isn't taking any of my bad feelings away, but it is keeping me afloat, and I haven't totally lost it, so I say it's doing something.
I also just had to snap this picture super quick. Dylan is using one of my books as a pillow! There was a time when I would have handled my bad feelings with beer, and Dylan would have used a bottle as a pillow. So yoga to cope, and The 22 Day Revolution as a pillow show progress!
I hope if you are having a three day weekend it is full of sun, fun, and cheer!

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