Saturday, May 2, 2015

V is for Venting!

I just had to give a quick little rant. The other day at work, I was discussing the pro and cons of a salt free diet, and such with the "chef" at my job, and he made the comment that vegan food must be so bland, how could you not use salt. Sigh. It is so frustrating to me, food can be bland. Not just vegan food. How many people who are dieting and living on boiled chicken breast talk of missing flavor. It is so maddening, as I see him tossing all kinds of salt, and seasoning salt on whatever flesh he's cooking up for people. I get burned every time I attempt to have a conversation about anything other than the typical toxic workplace conversations. It's also funny how people know so much about vegan food, when they have never even attempted to live on a vegan diet. People! I feel much better now. Sometimes I want to cry and have a tantrum, but instead I will vent every now and then, and just keep eating flavorful, vibrant vegan food!

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