Sunday, May 24, 2015

Reading Rocks!!

Books are my friend!
I have always loved books. Almost all of my childhood memories involve books. I remember before I could read, I loved being read to by my grandparents before bed every night. As I got older and learned to read, trips to the library were one of my favorite things in the world. I would always choose a ton of books, and my mom would swear that I wouldn't be able to read them all, and of course proving her wrong became a personal mission for the next three weeks. During the summer, reading was my main pastime. I've always loved all kinds of different books, save for romance novels and grisly homicide fiction. To this day libraries and used book stores are two of my favorite places ever. I feel like sometimes people forget about the library as a resource for information. If you are new to or interested in becoming vegetarian/vegan, the library is a great place to find some cookbooks and try some new foods. For me, there is something about a book. I was given a Nook two years ago for Christmas, and I just couldn't get into using it. I love holding a book, I love the smell, and I love the history of books. I love when I buy a book at a used book store, and sentences are underlined, or there are little notes. That is what I do to my books, and it makes me feel close to someone I don't even know.
I am really loving The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a short book, yet I am taking my time with it. I"m also having a rather intense time with the book because certain parts of the book seem like the author is talking to me specifically. I'm sure I'm not alone with this feeling from the book. I bought this book from Amazon, as this is one book I don't want to return! If you are feeling stuck in life in any way, this book could really be your friend too. I actually am still on the first agreement, which is be impeccable with your word. I just keep reading this chapter over and over. There is one paragraph in particular that I circled, and it is exactly me. When I first read it, it almost gave me the chills. Like I said, intense!
I discovered Jennifer Weiner years ago, I picked up one of her books at a used bookstore, and I loved it and started seeking out her other work. I am proud to say I have read every single one of her books, All Fall Down, which I am currently reading is her newest, and she has another book coming out in August. I love her sense of humor, and although I suppose her books are put in the "chick lit" category, (hate that description. It kind of makes me gag.) I find them to be both easy breezy to read, but also very relatable. I always want to be friends with her characters, I always want to work out life's issues with these people. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't find them fluffy, or flimsy or any other negative thing that might come to mind when you think "chick lit". If you're ever in the mood for a really great movie about dysfunctional sisters, one of her books In Her Shoes was made into a movie. As always, the book is better, but I still really love the movie. It has Shirley MacLaine in it, so there you go.
I've been reprimanded by many for my love of books. I understand that beautiful trees are cut down to make books, and I understand that Nooks, and I pads and smart this and smart that can help so much, but I can't help that I love books. I don't love devices. They feel cold and clinical, books feel warm and comforting.
Do you like books or Nooks?

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