Saturday, May 30, 2015


This is a palate cleanser for anyone who is having a bad day, or for someone who might be questioning humanity, or even if your having a great day, this will make your day even better! Apparently this little boy got a haircut, so the chickens had to make sure it was really their friend. When I watch this video, it really proves what people with a heart have always known- Animals have feelings and feel love too. I can't stand the fact that humans are so arrogant that we think we are the only beings who feel emotions. It's time for meat eaters to find a different excuse to make cruel choices, because saying animals don't have feelings, or any intelligence is just plain stupid. I want to claw my own eyes out when people make that argument. I have even heard people who have pets, and seemingly love their pets say that their pet has no intelligence, or feelings. In Seattle, I once had a neighbor who was allegedly a Christian, and was judgier than Judge Judy, (although she did some very non-Christian things, but I guess she prayed away her sin) anyway, she had a cute little dog, and a nine year old son. One day I agreed to watch her son(disaster, he was kind of a handful) and for whatever reason we were talking about their dog, and he informed me that his mom said Hodgie(the dog) wouldn't go to heaven when he passed because animals don't have souls. I couldn't believe it. Not wanting to step on his mom of the years toes and say she is an idiot, I simple explained to this kid that animals do have souls in my opinion. Needless to say it fell on deaf ears. Very sad. Humans can really be the worst. But chickens are the best!

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