Friday, May 22, 2015

Everyone's Welcome in this Club!

This picture doesn't do this meal justice!!
This was a super simple, super healthy, super tasty dish that was made in about twelve minutes, with only five ingredients, plus a generous sprinkle of nutritional  yeast at the end. It is also super cheap, as the best meals often are. I just sauteed those beautiful steamed fava beans with garlic, green onion, and crushed red pepper while the pasta was boiling. I then tossed the cooked pasta with the bean mixture, added crushed red pepper, nutritional yeast, and chopped fresh parsley. It tasted so fresh and springlike. I really love the buttery texture of the fava beans. I've made this dish tons of times with garbanzo or white beans, depending on what I have on hand. This is one of those dishes I like to make for skeptical non-vegans. It's a dish that is just "accidentally" vegan, and it's just tasty, so it's hard for someone to have a problem with this dish. I like to cook food for non-vegans, and see that little light go off when they realize that not everything has to be slathered in animal products to taste good.
Speaking of bridging the vegan/non vegan divide, I discovered a video via twitter, and as both an ethical vegan, and a server who has worked only in non-vegan restaurants, I found this video to be so spot on. I had never heard of The Vegan Bros before. I usually stay away from anything "brotastic" but I have watched a few of their other videos, and I like their message. In my opinion, the vegan message is starting to sway away from the animals. I am all for the healthy plant based eating movement, even though many of those types of eaters aren't vegan in their other lifestyle choices. They are still not eating meat, and that is a huge start, and help to the overall problem of animal cruelty. On a daily basis I want to scream at the top of my lungs for people to give an eff about something and stop eating meat. I want to stand guard at the meat departments and ream and judge everyone who dares to come try and buy some meat. But me, and my ego and my desires are not what matters, animals lives matter to me. I do not want to turn people off from veganism. We live in a world where people make lifelong decisions based on one small piece of information. So, as a vegan, when I watch some of these vegan YouTubers, it turns me off from the movement, I can only imagine a non-vegan. So, the Vegan Bros are sending a great message, and they definitely have mainstream appeal, which is what we need! We're getting there, but we need to get there much much faster. We can't be an exclusive, secret group clutching our pearls and judging. Anyone can judge anyone. We need to be appealing to, and welcoming the masses. When I became vegan, I feel like I naturally became kinder, and more compassionate. So, even if someone like Beyonce is eating a vegan diet, if we just leave her alone, and let her continue to eat in a gentle way, she might naturally come to the conclusion that fur is not okay. Imagine the influence on the world if Beyonce denounced fur! But if we judge and ridicule, it could turn someone off from eating the kind way. I've actually taken the last few days off from any YouTube videos from any vegans who I'm familiar with. I find myself getting very frustrated, and sometimes feeling judged from someone I don't even know. So I feel great. I needed that YouTube detox I guess! I want the world to be a kind place for everyone, and I believe it will be achieved through kindness, and leading by example.
Do you believe in the gentle approach, or more aggressive tactics??

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