Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vegan Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwiches Exist!!!

I went to Wegman's looking for So Delicious Neapolitan mini ice cream sandwiches, grabbed a box, threw it in my cart and was surprised to notice that these minis were banana split! In the banana split, the vanilla ice cram is swapped out for banana! I didn't even know vegan banana ice cream existed. This stuff should be sold in pints, it would be in my freezer always. It reminds me of some kind of non-vegan frozen treat that I've had in my life, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. I have seven more bars to go, so hopefully I can put my finger on the memory. As with the mini bars, the sandwiches are rich, so the mini is really a perfect size. You can really taste the chocolate, strawberry and banana flavors, and they work really well together. I can't imagine anyone choosing plain old dairy ice cream sandwiches when you can have banana split ice cream sandwiches made out of coconut ice cream!
I also decided to try the Victoria Vegan original Alfredo sauce. It was okay, I definitely prefer the Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo. I have made cashew Alfredo, and cashew cream sauces so often at his point that I guess I just prefer my own. It had a sharp taste that at first I thought was too much lemon, but after looking at the ingredients, lemon isn't even an ingredient! I read quite a few very glowing reviews of this sauce, so maybe I am just a little wacky. I have half a jar left to use, so maybe the second time around will be better. I'm not giving this a thumbs down, but I do recommend the Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo over the original.
The last new to me thing in my Wegman's haul is the Traditional Medicinals Green Tea Dandelion. I try to add dandelion tea to my diet for the healing qualities, but dandelion is a very strong, slightly bitter very earthy taste that doesn't always please me, so it is easy for me to blow it off. I try to pay attention to herbs, and foods that are good for the liver. For all the beer I've poured in my body, I have a lot to make up for with my liver. I'm pleased to report that the green tea really helps balance out the dandelion. They go really well together and I am sipping a cup of this now, and I am actually enjoying it!
To sum up my haul, run don't walk to your fave grocery and buy a box of Banana split minis, or any So Delicious mini bar, you won't regret it!

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