Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Wegman's had the deal on Ataulfo Mangoes!
I saw these peeled and steamed fava beans in the produce section of Wegman's, and I had to get them! I bought some dried fava beans in bulk last spring, and they are a lot of work to prepare. You have to blanch them, peel off the tough outer skin, then cook them. They are on the pricier side, even for bulk, so these already peeled and cooked beans were really quite the deal. The box was around $2.50, which is more than what I would have paid for that amount in bulk. I'm going to sautee these with some garlic and green onion, stir in some pasta, and add parsley at the end. Yum. If you like fava beans, keep an eye out in your produce section. I found these near the bagged salads, right next to hummus, and steamed beets and lentils. I also have been loving all the Ataulfo mangoes I've been able to find this spring. They are so much sweeter, richer, and creamier than the standard mango. In the middle of the mango madness is a little papaya. I forget what variety it is, they might have just called it small papaya. I also got a dragon fruit. I just really love the way they look so much! I also like the texture. I like them in a fruit salad, they add a little crunch with all the seeds.
The chocolate bar is by Vosges chocolate, and it looked interesting, so I decided to try it. It boasts of super foods, and all the benefits that come with super foods. I will be honest, I tried a square last night after dinner, and umm, not my favorite chocolate ever. I've decided I don't want super foods near my chocolate unless maybe it's goji berries or something. The chocolate is like really dark, and at first you taste the very intense chocolate, then it seems okay because you taste banana, but then the coconut ash kicks in, and it goes downhill fast. I don't know how to describe the taste. It's not coconut, and although I've never eaten ash, I don't think it's ash, but it sure isn't super. They had another variety that was dark chocolate and matcha, which sounded great, until I saw with spirulina! What in the world. I have to be honest I cannot handle spirulina. I had some powder, and I would try to add the teeniest bit to smoothies, and I could taste it right away. I certainly don't want it in or near my chocolate! I think that I will be sticking to my beloved stone ground chocolate. This is not chocolate that I would give to a non-vegan. I feel it would make them leery of vegan food. True story, at some point my parents went to a party and someone was vegan. They brought chocolate truffles or something of the sort, and didn't mention the chocolates had spirulina in them. Well, my parents were utterly grossed out, and it has given them a very negative view on vegan food, especially treats. I have tried to tell them time after time that not all vegans eat spirulina with everything, but I definitely can see the distrust in their eyes. The few times I've gotten them to try vegan foods, I can see the shock in their eyes that they aren't gagging. Anyway, I say thumbs down on this chocolate, but it has some glowing reviews on their website, so I say if super foodie, super healthy, super dark chocolate is your thang, you might love this!

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