Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pineapple Express

I just want to start out by letting the universe know that waking up to a winter wonderland on the last day of March is not really my idea of a good time. Seriously, it looks like a Holiday card outside. No thank you.
If anyone noticed I had two pictures on my blog yesterday! I finally have been learning the art of copy and paste, and then some! It's exciting, I really do love to learn, as long as it's something I want to learn.Ha! Anyway, it's a process, and it's really good training to be patient with myself. I'm really starting to appreciate patience, both in myself and others. It wasn't something that was always extended to me, or taught to me, so I think I kind of spent too many years of my life not understanding it's importance. Earlier this morning I did a yoga posture that I have struggled with for years, and I remained calm, and kept breathing, and trying, and I eventually did it. It felt amazing, and unbelievable, just like having two pictures on my blog! There are times in the past where I have just skipped trying to do this posture. And there are many times I have really wanted to stop this blog. I've gotten frustrated, and felt so dumb, but I stuck with it. And I've stuck with yoga for many years, even though sometimes I fall on my face, or I feel like I've twisted, and I can't get out.  They say you can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself, and I also think you can't be patient towards others if you can't be patient with yourself.
Also, as promised I tried the pineapple peach Kevita Kombucha. I don't normally like peach flavored things. I love peaches, hate peach flavor. Also stevia is the last ingredient, and I cannot say enough bad things about the taste of stevia. Stevia makes me want to heavia! I had to. Anyway, with two strikes against it, I think this might be my favorite flavor I've tried, and that's saying ALOT because Tart Cherry! It has a very pronounced pineapple flavor, which I love. It tastes almost like if Jones soda made a slightly healthier pineapple soda. It has ginger extract, which I can taste. The ginger adds more of a background zip, than a strong ginger flavor. I hope I am conveying how mind blowing this booch is. I kind of hate Kevita for making such an amazing product. I want this all of the time, damn my own brewed booch! I wish I could say which flavor is best, but so far all of Kevita's Kombuchas have blown any Kombucha's I've had out of the water.
Anyway, I'm going to go practice patience with Mother Nature over the snow. I put my boots away, and I will not pull those things back out no matter what!!! I hope everyone's day is filled with patient wishes, and Kombucha dreams!

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