Monday, March 9, 2015

Comforting Food and Thoughts

I was in the mood for something creamy and rich for dinner last night. I decided to make a cashew Alfredo sauce, and just to gild the lily, I added roasted onion and garlic. I love making onions this way. It's similar to caramelizing, but you don't have to dirty a pan! I just sliced one onion, added four peeled cloves of garlic, a glug of extra virgin olive oil, s&p, and a pinch of dried oregano. Wrap in foil, and bake at 350 for thirty to forty minutes. The flavor is so rich and deep, it makes the Alfredo so incredibly delicious, I want to eat it like soup. Adding the roasted garlic and onion to hummus also takes it over the top. I wish I would have written everything down, but alas, I'm still working on writing things down when I cook. But I wanted to share the roasting onions with your garlic tip. I love the rich flavor of caramelized onions, and this is just kind of a shortcut to achieve that flavor. It turns almost jam like, you could just spread it on some bread and call it dinner. (speaking from experience)  You can add whatever herbs you like, that you think will go with your dish. Sometimes I add some crushed red pepper and basil, other times rosemary and thyme.  I'm not much of a gravy person myself, but I bet it would make the base of a super savory gravy. It makes a tasty topping for a pizza too. It elevates the pizza to fancy status.
In non-vegan/foodnews, for the past two days, it's been over thirty degrees where I live(!), and today and tomorrow close to forty degrees! I feel insane saying this, but it truly feels amazingly warm! Just to be able to step outside, and have it not hurt to breathe is pretty amazing. As much as I love roasted garlic and onion Alfredo, I absolutely cannot wait for "I can't even turn on the oven it's so hot" weather. Winter is dragging it's heels, but it will be defeated.

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