Sunday, March 22, 2015

One Love, One Bun

I love bread. I don't love weird chemicals in my food. There are a lot of funky things in a lot of  breads. I used to force myself to just not think about it, and buy the chemical laced bread. I just feel like I can't do it anymore. Now, I only buy certain organic, or at least all natural brands. If I have a week where I can't afford the natural brand, I just don't buy bread. I certainly can't afford an all organic diet, but I also can choose to not eat processed food with words I don't ever want to know how to pronounce!
Last week when I discovered the Co-op had Beyond Meat's newish Beast burger, I had to get a box! I realized I needed bread, and I didn't want sprouted grain hamburger buns. I meandered around, and landed a section of bread that seemed to be mostly Rudi's products. A lot of Rudi's breads have dairy and/or eggs. I bought a package of their sandwich thins awhile ago, and while they were good, they were slightly sweet which was kind of off putting in a savory sandwich. I came across a new to me brand, Ozery Bakery. I found the original, One Bun multigrain thin sandwich buns. They are vegan, I know what the ingredients are, and they are my new favorite. They're a little bit bigger than other sandwich thins, allowing you to make a heartier sandwich, and also perfect for a heartier veggie burger. They are wonderfully soft, and fresh tasting right out of the package.  I made a big veggie sandwich with romaine, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, hummus, spicy Dijon, and a red wine vinaigrette, and the bread held it's own, did not get soggy, did not fall apart. And it has a subtle wheat taste, it doesn't punch you in the face and yell "I'm healthy", it just calmly lets you know you are eating something delicious, and by the way not toxic.
I perused their website, and I can't say for sure if all of their breads are vegan. These One Bun muti-grain buns are, and I know they have something called Morning Rounds, and I have read reviews on vegan blogs, so I feel safe saying they are very vegan friendly, but still read the ingredient list if you come across this brand. I don't remember what I paid, but I would put money on around the five dollar mark. That seems to be the general price, give or take of course for the Organic and/or natural breads. If you see bread from this bakery at your grocery, don't feel scared to try it, it is amazing, and well worth the extra money.

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