Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fun with Food.

Something unexpected came up yesterday, and I was going to make homemade Falafel, but i unfortunately burned the garbanzo beans i was cooking from dry. I ended up having to make a quick run to Wegman's, and i picked up an oldie, but a goodie for dinner. A Tofurky vegan pepperoni pizza! It was everything i remembered and more. The crust is thin and crispy, there are decent amounts of both cheese, and the vegan pepperoni, and the sauce is not outstanding, but does the job on this pizza. A few shakes of some crushed red pepper, and it's a pizza! It's definitely not a health food, and shouldn't be dinner every night, but as a once in awhile treat, it's not too shabby. It's way better than a standard cheese and pepperoni pizza. I have served Tofurky and also Amy's roasted vegetable pizza to many non-veg friends, and have always gotten positive feedback. I'm happy so many vegan convenience foods exist, making life easy for us vegans who can't be bothered to cook all the time, and also I'm super glad these exist for people who are transitioning. It's a delicious reminder that everything vegans eat isn't green!
I feel best when I  am eating whole foods, and the secret cootie-phobe in me prefers preparing my own food, but I like a junky treat every now and again. I was raised in a house where white bread, cereal, rice anything was prohibited. I never took kiddie vitamins, it was fully leaded horse pills from the jump, and I remember sometimes wishing the rules were a little more relaxed. At this point in my life, I appreciate the nutritious upbringing, and enjoy the health that comes from eating healthy foods. But, I also enjoy breaking out of the antioxidant/super foods world every now and then.
Now, to balance my not so healthy dinner, I had a huge green salad for breakfast, soon to be followed by a green juice. Balance is our friend, friends!

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