Thursday, March 5, 2015

If You're Vegan and You Know it Clap Your Hands

After tasting my way through all three Chao flavors, I still can't believe what I tasted! I still can't believe that not only did I eat vegan cheese cold, straight out of the package, and I preferred it that way. Amazing if you ask me! There has been a lot of negativity in the vegan world lately, with the recent Beyoncé meal plan and all. Also, if you ever read any YouTube comments, you can see a lot of animosity between certain vegan diets. And man vegans can be as mean as any bully, or Fox News personality I've ever seen. So, because of all the negative nellies out there, I wanted to write about the positive progress I see happening. First of all, Beyoncé's vegan meal service made news all over. As someone who has a weakness for celebrity gossip, it was all over all the glossy mags, and websites. And almost every news outlet picked up at least a blurb. We live in the land of must have 24 hours of news, so yeah, a vegan meal service started by Beyoncé will make it to CNN. And the only negative thing I heard or read was about the price. No one was making fun of vegan food, or the diet. It's weird, mainstream, meat eating society was more accepting of this vegan meal service than vegans. Weird, right.
Chao slices of course make the list. Field roast has made vegan cheese something to be taken seriously, not laughed at. Field roast also makes the tastiest vegan sausages, and I love their roast. I think it's called celebration roast. It is out if this world, it makes tasty sandwiches.
Just Mayo is another company that changed my life for the better. I loved Veganaise for so many years, but after tasting Just Mayo, there's just no going back. Just Mayo could be slathered on any non-veg's sandwich, and I guarantee they wouldn't even notice.
Beyond Meat is another company that is really working on making meatless meat for the meat loving crowd. A lot of vegans actually have a problem with the realness of the texture if their faux chicken. But we want food that appeals to the meat eaters. If we want to stop the harm and murder of animals, we have to make food that appeals to carnivorous taste buds.
And I can't forget to mention all of the amazing snacks that Earth Balance has been putting out. I mean the vegan cheddar flavor chips are the stuff dreams are made of. And the vegan cheese crackers take all of us back to childhood eating cheese nips, or its, depending. They also have made some great vegan boxed mac and cheese. The white cheddar is my personal fave.
Vegans are not the butt of as many jokes as before, and I think that says a lot for how far we've come. Even recognized carnivores are speaking of Meatless Mondays, and now promoting going at least two days a week without meat. I know it's so easy to get pissed, and feel like we're getting nowhere. I live in a town where people hunt. Like a lot of people. And I work in a non veg restaurant, although I hesitate to call it a restaurant, anyway I see and wait on nothing but your typical Wal-Mart style 'Merican who loves meat, and the more the better. But when I get too discouraged, I remind myself of the progress that is being made. Vegans are a force to be reckoned with, and we aren't going anywhere.
I hope things simmer down for awhile, and we can find some peace within the movement, and try again for nice. It kind of makes us look like asses when we are promoting compassion for all beings, but then using our words to tear each other down, and tear down anyone who disagrees with us, or does something we don't like. Lets be a wonderful, nice, and kind group, with some kick-ass food. Let's be the cool kids everyone wants to be a part of!

I forgot to mention Gardein. I have not had one Gardein product that hasn't blown my mind. The mandarin orange chick'n strips are dangerously good. I bet a Gardein beefless burger with a slice of Chao cheese, any flavor would please most meat lovers palate!

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