Monday, February 9, 2015

Short & Sweet

I am really struggling this morning with some bad feelings. The weather is horrid, and I have errands to run that unfortunately I can't put off. There is just a brutal mix of ice, and snow that makes it treacherous to walk, and I'm sure drive a car. I feel like every grumpy character ever.
There are two quotes I'm going to be saying over and over to myself today, as I'm out and about and I thought that they are appropriate for everyone involved in Beyoncé-gate. One is from my Yogi tea bag, and the other is the quote on my manifestation journal.
"Develop the power of listening"- Yogi tea sage 
"Kindness Gives Birth to Kindness"- Sophocles
I hope that today, and every day we can all listen more, and react with kindness, even if we disagree.

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