Monday, February 16, 2015

Free the Teat!

In my pregan days, I was never a big milk drinker. I always thought the texture was weird, and it just didn't do much for me. It was something you put in cereal, and used for cooking. So when I went full on vegan, a milk substitute was the least of my worries. Soy and rice milk were the main plant milks available at most grocery stores. Some stores like Whole Foods were starting to have some nut milks, but they were way more expensive than soy and rice. Now, there are so many, even in my vegan hostile neck of the woods. And I see more and more people buying plant milk. I guess people are starting to take lactose intolerance seriously.
I just wanted to write about a new to me nut milk. Cashew milk! I know you can make your own, but up until a few weeks ago I didn't know you could buy it! I noticed it with all the shelf stable milks at the Co-op. It's made by So Delicious (so of course) and it was on sale, so it was meant to be. The Co-op where I live had plain unsweetened, and vanilla. I got plain, unsweetened as I always do, and it might be my new favorite. My old favorite was So Delicious plain unsweetened coconut milk. So I'm keeping my love in the family! I like the cashew milk because it has that super velvety texture we've all come to love cashews for. And it has the faintest hint of sweetness, as cashews do. I have been making Matcha lattes, and the cashew milk is perfect. It also is the perfect consistency for home-made mac and cheese, and also a little dash makes smoothies a little more decadent. It's always nice to experiment with new plant milks, and I love how it seems like they're making milk out of everything, and doing it well!(except rice) I think the Cashew milk is available only in the 32 oz. shelf stable box, so look for it on the shelves at your grocery!
If you are like me and dealing with the really ugly part of February, please stay safe and warm, and keep your fur friends warm and cozy too.

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