Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Not Just For the Birds

Yesterday I sloshed and trudged my way to the Co-op to bulk up. I was hoping they would have Field Roast's new vegan Chao cheese, but not quite yet. All in all it was a good trip, and I was able to get my hand on what I think is an underappreciated grain. I'm talking about the main ingredient in birdseed, millet. It looks like couscous, but this is a grain, and it's gluten free. I know that millet can be prepared like quinoa, and served as a fluffy side, or mixed into a salad. I have never prepared it that way, I always use it for a creaminess factor in soups! It breaks down, and becomes creamy. It also makes a great breakfast porridge. Millet is very inexpensive. It's like ninety-nine cents a pound in the bulk bins at the Co-op, for organic. Millet will help your life in many ways. It hydrates the colon, preventing constipation. It is alkalizing to the body, and it's high in serotonin. It has minerals, and anti-oxidants, it might just be an unsung superfood. If your looking for another inexpensive grain to add to your pantry, try this amazing, super inexpensive grain!
As winter rages on. I also wanted to remind everyone to be very choosy about your take-out/restaurant food. Last week at work, both of the cooks at my job were sick all week. Like flu/cold hybrid sick. I also was on the bus, and someone who works in the café/prepared food section of a grocery store was on the bus after her shift, coughing, and hacking and talking of how sick she was. Also, several bartenders are sick, and their breathing and hacking into peoples drinks. It's funny how people get obsessed with using hand sanitizer, but they will eat food prepared by a cook with the flu. We live in strange times my friends. I'm saying this to remind everyone to really think about who is near your food. You can't trust that all businesses will do the right thing and send employees home who are clearly ill and possibly contagious. In my experience, that hardly ever happens. Be careful with your health, and eat some birdseed!

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