Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Full of Quotes

I woke up to the news that Jon Stewart is stepping down from The Daily Show. Nooooo!! It's truly the end of an era. So many feelings wrapped up in that show. I know the show will go on, and I'm sure his replacement will be amazing, but Jon Stewart! I've loved Jon Stewart since his stand-up comedy days. I think he made the news, and politics interesting to a lot of people who otherwise really couldn't be bothered. And, unlike conservative media(Fox News) he was able to make his points in a calm, concise, intelligent manner. And he was able to hold his own against various conservatives, and just calmly, humbly, simply outsmart them.  I wish I could shadow him for a month, and learn from him. So many of these 24 hour news channels have hosts that yell, and bully, and are just downright nasty to anyone who doesn't share exactly their viewpoints that I just can't handle it. I'm sure somewhere the Fox News channel is used as torture. Imagine listening to Sean Hannity, or any of the Fox News and friends over and over. Zoinks. I'm going to quote the all knowing Dr. Seuss on this one. "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
Speaking of quotes, my yogi teabag this morning told me very simply to "Keep up". It's funny how sometimes these little teabags really tell me what I need to hear. I have had a rough week or two, Monday really kind of being the last straw. I feel like I've hit a plateau on my journey to happiness. Although I'm not doing anything to sabotage myself, for the last few days I haven't really been pushing myself either. This little teabag reminded me that I need to keep pushing myself. I have many things going against me, so I have to be extra vigilant. It's been at least three or four days since I've written in my journal. I just am struggling. I feel like I'm at that halfway point, where I can either keep going, or give up. I don't want to give up, so I have to push myself all the harder. Today I'm going to think of a little game plan, some kind of tweak to bump up my zest for leading a loving, healthy life. I'm learning it's okay to take a breather after life punches you, but you have to brush yourself off and get back up. I hope to come up with some little tweaks here and there to my diet that will boost my brain a little bit. Looking for foods such as Millet that have high serotonin levels, that kind of thing. I have a Macrobiotic cookbook that I'm also going o look through. Anything to promote harmony and balance to my body. Part of the serenity prayer comes to mind, "accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can" or something like that. My point is I want to work and focus on the things I can change in my life at this moment. I will of course blab about what I learn, cause I'm generous like that.
I'm going to end on a Jon Stewart quote... "If we amplify everything, we hear nothing"

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