Friday, February 27, 2015


Today is going to be kind of another rant, but a good one. Maybe more of a blab fest ?Have you ever been living under a rock, and had the rock lifted, and after you're done squinting you just can't believe all that is out there? I feel like that happened for me with these simple quotes read during these yoga videos. They just really touched me, which led to me discovering The Four Agreements, which led to me learning about the author, Don Miguel Ruiz. How had I never heard of this book, or man? And this knowledge led me to wanting to learn more about Toltec teachings. I love feeling inspired, and I love learning new things, and new ways of dealing with this crazy thing called life. And honestly it has been a struggle dealing with some of the more toxic sides of life lately. When you spend so many years using an eating disorder as a way of coping, and then you switch to beer, and nicotine, it can be hard knowing what to do on your own. And my whole life I have been accused by EVERYONE of being too sensitive. I let people and their negative ways bring me down too often. I also take other peoples criticism to heart way too often, even when I know I shouldn't. I see how these issues have slowed down my journey in life. Anyway, dealing with the end of February and winters relentless wrath, I've been feeling very uninspired, and starting to feel very bland, and listless. I was having some thoughts on the darker side than I prefer, so this desire to learn more couldn't have come at a better time. It kind of just shows how none of us ever know how our words or actions can really make a powerful impact on someone else's life. And we all have nuggets of wisdom we can pass on to each other.
I'm hoping to make it to the library if the rumors are true that next week we might see temps in the twenties, and maybe thirties! (heat wave) In the meantime I plan on learning as much as I can find on the webz about this book, and the author. I also hope to be able to make it to Wegman's which has finally stocked their shelves with Chao vegan cheese! I have been reading the reviews, and hearing about all of the insanity, and stores selling out, and feeling like a vegan outsider. It took some effort to get it in the store, but I have a strong feeling it was worth it. It was stocked last week, but due to weather I wasn't able to get to Wegman's. (patience) I will be continuing to blab about The Four Agreements, and I have all my finger crossed, and all feline toes are crossed that I will be stuffing my face with some Chao cheese this weekend. I have read that Chao tastes good right out of the package, and that's what I'm most looking forward to! Cold, uncooked vegan cheese that isn't nut based? Who would have ever dreamed this day would come?

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