Sunday, June 21, 2015

What's up Doc?

Sweet mini peppers, baby cucumbers, spinach, mangoes, and cherries!!
Wasabi Triyaki! Greek vinaigrette, my fave yogi tes
Blackberries, candy, CHAO, jalapeno pita chips!
More mangoes, so many mangoes!
I survived Wegman's on a Saturday morning! It's always touch and go, and the extra long bus ride  makes it a bit more treacherous, but me and my haul survived! Not shown is a tub of the best hummus I have ever had,  the caramelised onion hummus found on Wegman's olive bar. I just can't get enough. I also got  chopped olive salad to go with  pasta, and I treated myself to some stuffed grape leaves, or Dolmas. I still remember my first Dolma, it was love at first bite! I'm trying to mostly buy only produce and perishables to be eaten soon, as I'm trying to cook through my pantry but I had to buy the Soy Vay Wasabi Teriyaki. It's being discontinued, and it was on sale for $1.50!! I have so much rice to eat up, I figured this would help.
I try to not judge or have snarky thoughts when it comes to other people's food choices, while at Wegman's, a lady was asking the produce guy about CARROTS! What to do with them, what they taste like etc. She was saying that her daughter wanted to start eating healthier, and she was struggling to figure out what fruit and veg to buy. Carrots? You have to ask what carrots taste like. Is it just me, or is that pretty weird? Carrots are a pretty standard vegetable, or so I thought. I was talking about avocados once to a bus driver, and he said he had never had an avocado, or guacamole!
There are people whose only source of vegetable might be the wan piece of iceberg lettuce, and the unripe, and unjuicy tomato slice. It's sad to me to deny yourself all of the delicious fruits and vegetables just because you eat meat. I serve so much brown and beige food at my job, it's really sad. A lot of people look at vegetables as a chore. People will pass on their dinner salad that comes with their entree, telling me they" had a salad with lunch", or" I had an apple for breakfast", or something of that nature. It's looked at as an obligation. It's very sad, and what sadder is how many people will never experience the pure joy of the perfect guacamole! So tragic.
I hope everyone has a day filled with color!

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