Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kitchen Therapy

I made the trek once again to the Co-op, only to walk into an almost empty store. They had to throw away tons of food because of the power outage. They had very minimal produce, and the coolers and freezer sections were BARE! So Dylan is not enjoying his life without Coco whip! In the top picture I got some apples and pears for juicing, a lemon, cucumber, strawberries, and red kale. This is my first time using red kale. I made a green juice yesterday, and it juices kind of pink. The bottom of the juice was pink, and it had a top layer of green. Red kale is stronger, and a little more bitter than curly, or Lacinato kale. The bottom picture features red potatoes, Tyrrell's sea salt&vinegar chips, which I expect to be delicious. I tried their chili&red pepper flavor a few visits ago, and they were some of the best chips I've had. Really excellent flavor with no weird ingredients, and also they weren't too greasy. I also picked up another Equal Exchange red raspberry dark chocolate bar. Really creamy, with the perfect amount of dried raspberries. I also got two more Taza mini bars in my favorite, coconut crunch. Rounding out the haul are more concord grape stix, from the Growers Co-op. I seriously can't express how amazing these stix are.
This haul is very different than what it was supposed to be. I needed a lot more produce, and tofu, Just Mayo, and of course Coco Whip!
I felt so bad for Dylan, that when I got home from the Co-op, I took a bus to a different store that sells vegan ice cream, and picked up this pint of Coconut bliss naked coconut flavor ice cream. Dylan loves coconut milk, coconut oil, Coco Whip, and flavored coconut ice cream, but HE TURNED UP HIS NOSE AT THIS! Aaaaahhhhh! Luckily some of my other kitties who normally show no interest in sweets like this ice cream. Cats! It's been a challenge to keep up with Dylan's ever changing desires.
Today I have no errands to run, and it is yet another grey,rainy day.(I'm not even in Seattle yet!) I plan on cleaning, and spending some time in the kitchen. I'm going to play around with a lentil quinoa burger, my attempts at homemade burgers is hit or miss, so I hope today is a hit. I'm also going to experiment with a pineapple whip type of creation. I plan on writing down what and how much I use, so hopefully I will have recipes! Sometimes spending time in the kitchen really helps sooth my soul, and helps me to feel calm.
How do you calm down when things take a left turn?

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