Monday, June 8, 2015

We're Coming for you Cruelty

I ran out of Coco Whip, and Dylan found that to be unacceptable. When I went to re-up, I could not resist the awesome sale price of $6.99 for a two pound Field Roast celebration roast! I paid close to twenty for this same thing at the holidays! I love to slice this and make sandwiches. As you can see at the top of the picture, and off to the left are some nosy kitties. They just have to see what I'm doing. I think anyone who knows and loves cats understands the meaning of curiosity killed the cat! Nosy Nellies, the whole lot of them! The bottom picture is my favorite guy in the world, enjoying his spoonful of Coco whip. We tried the light this time, which I'm happy to say is just as delicious as the original! It's a little thinner, but still very fluffy and cool! Taste wise I really can't tell a difference, and I don't think Dylan can either. If I were using the whip for a dessert, or to really wow some dubious non-vegans, I would probably go for the full fat version, but other than that these two seem pretty interchangeable. If you come across this, the red tub is the light, and the blue tub is the original. The Co-op was actually out of the original! This is amazing because they've only had it in stock for a week! Woot woot! I feel excitement when vegan products are out of stock, because I imagine the chain effect. Someone else bought some Coco whip, maybe they serve it at a party/picnic to some non vegans who are looking to improve their health/cut out some animal products, whatever. They try this Coco whip, are totally blown away, and decide to start using this kinder whip. Then, it opens their mind to maybe trying a veggie burger or dog, at their next cookout, whatever. It's just so exciting to me that vegan food is getting sooo delicious! I know vegan food is delicious of course, I'm talking about things like vegan cheeses, and ice creams, and vegan mayo, now Coco whip. Vegan treats, and packaged stuff is I guess what I mean. Why not eat Just Mayo, instead of regular mayo if you aren't sacrificing taste? Every little bit adds up to animals being saved, and every little bit chips away at peoples deep rooted belief that vegan food is tasteless, too brown, too green, too full of weird things, everything is made out of seaweed and spirulina, etc. It's nice for people to see that they can give up the cruelty without giving up certain comforts and memories they have tied into food.
I've been accused of being a dreamer once or twice in my day, but when I taste things like this Coco whip, I actually believe some of my dreams might actually start happening!

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