Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I braved the wind, the rain, and the forty two degree(?!) temperatures yesterday to go to Wegman's. It's quite a trip, I have to either take two buses which match up horribly time-wise, or walk a mile to a bus stop for a one bus ride trip. Nine times out of ten I opt for the one mile walk, it's just easier. The street downtown where you catch the bus is beyond terrifying. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in Wegman's, and kind of felt like it was a wasted trip. I mainly went to Wegman's because I wanted to really load up on produce. I did get organic Romaine, mini-organic cucumbers, and onions and potatoes, but that was it. They had one too ripe (almost fermented) Ataulfo mango left with nine in the back, two dead looking dragon fruit, and and shockingly green pineapple. I guess Monday morning is not the day to go to Wegman's. I did score a two pound container os organic strawberries for $6.99, which is less expensive than a pint of organic blackberries, or blueberries! I also decided to try a couple persimmons. I tried them once before, and while I didn't hate them, I wasn't blown away enough to buy them on the regular. I've watched a few vegan YouTube videos where people make/drink persimmon and banana smoothies, and they just seem to love them sooooo much, and the color is soooo pretty, I thought I would give it another go.
The BBQ and Grey Poupon are for a new recipe that I will be trying today! I never thought to use BBQ and chickpeas together, and now I have no idea why, because it sounds delicious! I'm excited to try this recipe too, because I'm starting to make a mental list of  road trip foods. I know from experience traveling from Pa. to Seattle via Greyhound that it can be a real challenge to find vegan grub in some of these small towns, and you just can tell sometimes that it's best to not even ask. So sandwiches and wraps are obviously made for road trippen!
I wanted to leave with a little warning to any Wegman's shoppers. I buy the Wegman's brand tortilla shells often, both small and large burrito size and they are vegan safe. Yesterday I wanted to try the whole wheat tortillas, and I almost just threw them in my cart assuming like the white shells, these would be vegan. Something told me to check, and both the whole wheat and the multi-grain are vegan. except they decided to add fish oil to both, to give them an omega boost! Do tortilla shells need an omega boost? It was actually somewhat hard to find whole wheat tortillas that are vegan. I've noticed whole wheat/whole grain/multi-grain breads and such have honey sooooo often! I learned a lesson yesterday, unless you are super lucky and shop at an all vegan store, you can never really assume something is vegan. They really like to sneak animal products in everything don't they?

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