Monday, June 15, 2015

Treachery, Chocolate, and Peanut Noodles

Peanut noodles and veggies!
So yesterday I walked to the Co-op, which is an almost two mile walk one way. I don't mind the length of the walk, but the walk itself is pretty treacherous. There's this street I have to cross where the light going one way lasts forever, and the light going the other way is very short. Well, to cross this street, I have to cross on the side where the light is super short, so as I'm crossing, I can feel the anger and hate from the cars and trucks that are trying to catch that green light. Next after the light are some train tracks that have these huge rocks. Also, if there is a train and I have to stand and wait for it, I always get some dude in a car asking me if I want to sit in his car and wait. I wish I were making this up, but I am dead serious, it happens almost every time a train passes. The walk continues down a creepy, somewhat deserted road that feels like a scene from every stalker/mugger/murder/kidnapped movie ever. Yesterday it was particularly depressing, because there were so many broken beer and liquor bottles. Like I said, it's a relatively deserted road, so I imagine when you are partying, and drinking and driving, (and hopefully texting and facebooking too) this would be where you would drive to avoid cops, etc. Plus there are tons of creepy abandoned parking lots, or maybe lots that used to be buildings, but big empty spaces where you could do whatever. The last part of the walk is a little less creepy, and if I choose certain streets I almost feel safe. So, yesterday, I get to the Co-op and they are closed!! Apparently there was a power outage. It must have happened very early, because I got there at ten after nine, and they open at nine. UUUGGGHHHH!!!!!  If the walk weren't so ugly, I totally wouldn't have minded. Plus, I had to come home empty handed, and Dylan really wanted more Coco Whip!
I XO XO TCHO chocolate!!
It was very frustrating, but luckily I was able to turn around and make the treacherous walk back home, empty handed. Oh well, I'll try again today, but this time I will call first!
On a much more positive note, this is a chocolate bar that I had gotten awhile ago at Wegman's, and it is in close competition as my favorite chocolate bar, or discs. It is super smooth, if you're like me and preferred milk chocolate in your non vegan years, you will love this chocolate. It has the smooth, creamy mouth feel that is lacking in a lot of dark chocolate. Here's a much more sophisticated description.  It looks like they offer a variety of vegan dark chocolates, and also a fair share of milk chocolates. I feel like it's more sophisticated to like super dark chocolate. Since becoming vegan I have gained more appreciation for dark chocolates, and have even come to enjoy many, but I can't deny that I do sometimes miss milk chocolate. This  TCHO  bar filled that void and I will definitely buy it again.
The top picture is the lovely, healthy dinner I made for myself last night. I made cold sesame noodles, with some baked tofu, Romaine lettuce, and sliced baby cucumber on the side. Drizzled with extra Sriracha sauce, of course. I discovered that cucumbers and Sriracha are good friends! I can't remember the recipe I used, I just googled cold sesame noodles, and picked a recipe. I still haven't found the perfect peanut sauce for my taste buds, so I just keep experimenting. This one was good, but it didn't blow my mind.
Happy Monday!!

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