Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mission Impossible

I was watching something on Hulu yesterday and ended up dozing off, and Hulu just kind of keeps loading videos, apparently. I woke up to an episode of The View on my laptop. I was just about to get out of there as The View is not for me, until I noticed who their next guest was. None other than Marco Borges, author of The 22-Day Revolution! This is the man and the book that inspired J-Lo, Beyonce, Jay Z and other celebs, and non celebs to follow a 22 day plant based diet. All three celebs are not full time vegans, however all have spoken very highly of plant-based foods. Beyonce even started a vegan meal delivery service with Marco that caused some uproar with some vegans. Anyway, back to The View. My first impulse was to turn it off because I don't always like the way vegans or plant -based eaters are treated, but I'm glad I gave the clip a chance. He brought on tons of prepared recipes from his book which he had the co-hosts taste, and they seemed to LOVE everything, except maybe the Chia pudding, which I can understand. It seemed to be a texture thing. One of the hosts really raved about his chickpea salad sandwich, which she exclaimed " it totally reminds me of tuna salad"! As a result they are all doing the 22 day challenge! I don't know when this episode actually aired, but I'm now interested in how they are feeling. Marco does not speak of animals at all in his explanation. He speaks lightly of the environment, but mostly speaks of health. He has been eating plant based for quite some time, and he is fit, and glowing with health, and just seems like an authentic, nice person. A few years ago I would have rolled my eyes because he didn't speak of animals. But the sad truth is that some people truly believe that animals were put on earth for us to eat. We animal loving vegans have to accept that there are people who could watch the most horrific animal  abuse video, shed some tears and still eat meat. I know a lot of this type of people. The harsh PETA approach won't work, the gentle, non-judgmental approach won't work, they just for whatever reason feel that it's just the way the world is. These same people are often climate deniers, at least in my experience. So coming from a pure health stance, and having two of the most gorgeous woman on the planet giving this way of eating huge thumbs up is amazing, and could reach a few of the super hard to reach people! Whether Marco means to or not, he is saving animals lives.
You know that saying, "If you want to see different results, do things differently"? I want to see more and more people willing to give vegan or plant based eating a chance. It's going to stick with some people, and at least make others who go back to the unkind side more aware of their food choices, and hopefully cut back. Anyway, I just keep thinking "progress, not perfection"!

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