Monday, June 29, 2015

Last Full Day in the 814!

Today is my last full day in Erie, Pa. and it is really hard to even figure out how I feel coming out of this chapter of my life. I got a little weepy yesterday, and to tell the truth, it really surprised me. I didn't think I was going to cry at all. I think I'm just sad because I truly did want to be happy here. I wanted to make friends, and be somewhat close with my family, and enjoy the lower rent prices. Everything just went differently. It would certainly be easier on my fur family if I liked it here!
I can't stay on here too long, lots to do! But I wanted to thank everyone who has read this blog. I feel strongly that having a place to vent my feelings, and nerd out and go on and on about new delicious vegan foods and recipes, I would have really been in bad shape. I learned that even if you are an introvert(I am) you still need human connection. You still need to be able to say how you feel and have someone look you in the eye and say they understand. And you need someone to laugh, and cry with. I can't wait to see how this blog changes once I feel like myself again. I know I will have lots of lentil recipes for sure!
I hope everyone has a great day, and I will be blogging at some point during my road trip, but not sure when. I'm sure I'll have some humorous vegan food hunting stories. I've made the road trip to and from Seattle several times, and there are some strange, middle of nowhere towns.

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