Friday, June 19, 2015

Pantry Raid!!

Saucy Burrito!
Great hot sauce!!
As I continue my quest to cook my beans, noodles and grains I have bulked up on, I'm realizing how much I enjoy coming up with delicious recipes out of odds and ends. It's bringing me back to my Seattle roots, where I originally started my lentil quest. It's great practice, since that's where I'm going soon! I should have written this recipe down, but I got into the zone, and forgot all about pen and paper! This is just a burrito filled with pinto beans, and Jasmine rice, and some nutritional yeast. I then made a super delicious sauce with some soaked cashews, and the last of a jar of salsa. Add some nutritional yeast, and blend. I then just smother the burrito, and bake in the oven for a few to get nice and warmed through. It's such a cheap, comforting meal, yet it tastes like something much fancier. It's a great use for that last bit of salsa that usually just sits in the jar wishing someone would put it to good use.
Have you ever tried Peri-Peri hot sauce? I bought this awhile ago, and decided to use some to spice up my burrito. This stuff is amazing! It's hot sauce, but so much more sophisticated! It has a tangy heat, that is more subtle than other hot sauces I've tried. If you like interesting hot sauces, I recommend this one. This would be a great sauce to splash on a tofu scramble!
Cooking through my pantry has made me realize how much food I have, when I can think of many times I've whined to myself that I have nothing to eat. As we bicker back and forth about high carb, paleo, raw, raw till 4, all organic, so on and so forth, I think it's important to stop and realize how fortunate we are to be able to argue, and fight, and post YouTube videos about whose way of eating is superior. There are so many people, and animals in this world who would give anything just to have something to eat, let alone vast choices. Anyway, I suspect lots of cooking with beans and rice in my future. Seattle has only gotten more expensive, so my love affair with Chao might have to end for awhile. Or maybe we'll have that twice a year romance, or something like that! So this is all good practice for me. Expect some interesting uses for condiments in the next week. And rice, why do I have so much rice!?

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