Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Don't Fear the Prickles!

I bought my first nectarines of the year! Woot woot! When I bite into a perfectly ripe nectarine, I feel so happy. I also scored the last two Ataulfo mangoes, some apples for juicing, dragon fruit, and because they were on sale I decided to try some prickly pear, or cactus fruit. They were two for five which is super cheap for "exotic fruit". I also got some cherry tomatoes in a color medley. Side gripe- not liking the amount of plastic clam shells in the produce section. There was not a cherry tomato to be had without a clam shell. A lot of organic companies use a lot of plastic which is curious to me. Anyway, kitty in upper left corner of course. I also got some celery, alfalfa sprouts, sweet mini peppers, mini cucumbers, and shredded carrots. I also got Romaine hearts, and carrots in their natural state. I love it when my fridge is full of fruits and vegetables!
I had a persimmon that finally was ripe, and I had a nectarine that was ripe, and got super banged and bruised on my bus/walk home. So, I decided to make a nectarine, persimmon, frozen banana, prickly pear smoothie. I have never eaten prickly pear, I cut it in half, and scooped out the beautiful red flesh. It has a similar texture to watermelon, with little seeds that are edible. (I researched!) They're a little bigger than a kiwi, and I like them a lot. I like it better than persimmon! The color is gorgeous, and would make a vibrant juice. I got the red variety, which is a coastal prickly pear. There are prickly pear fruits with white flesh also. The fruit has vitamin C, and magnesium. As soon as I saw the vibrant color, I just knew it was healthy, and I knew it would be delicious! It has a mild taste, not quite as sweet as watermelon. Anyway, I'm glad I tried it, and now I know it's safe to buy! I've only been able to find white fleshed dragon fruit, but I have seen the red fleshed dragon fruit in pictures, and it's so much prettier! With fruits and vegetables, the brighter the better.
Seattle is so close I can smell the air, and I will have so many different Farmers markets to go to! I am sooooo excited. No more clam shells! People that know how to answer your questions, because they are growing and using the food themselves! Have you ever asked a produce employee at a grocery store about an unusual produce item? As Seattle is getting closer, I keep thinking of all the little things I took for granted, and have been missing sooooooo much! Like Farmers markets, people who recycle, used bookstores, coffee shops instead of bars on every corner, the lack of racism and intolerance, I could go on for days of things that I have deeply missed. There is only one used bookstore in this gourd-forsaken town, and it's a Christian used bookstore. I am open minded/desperate enough that I did go in and check it out and Christian literature and oddly enough Danielle Steele novels aren't really my thang. Anyway The more I get excited for Seattle, the more I realize how much my quality of life has suffered here. I've also realized that I want to see and appreciate everything. I don't want to take things or granted, and not notice awesome moments, or sights. Sorry, I'm getting sentimental and stuff. Back to Seattle, I will have so much more to talk about, and things to take pictures of. I will also start using a real camera, and my picture quality will improve. Right now, I'm using a webcam, which I have to hold in one hand, and use the other to click the mouse, all while trying to fend off nosy kitties. It's mostly hilarious, but I'm ready for a better set-up. Anyway, I've babbled for long enough for now. Have an amazing day!!

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