Sunday, June 14, 2015

Diabolical Smells, and Coco Whip Monsters!

  I stumbled across this video and thought it gave some good non-vegan insight into the mystery that is vegan cheese. This video is about six months old, so Chao slices, and also the new FYH blends are not included in their tastings. I absolutely love that someone used the word diabolical to describe the smell of one of the cheeses. I feel like we don't use that word enough! Overall, I feel like some minds were slightly opened. I feel like most of the people who tested these cheeses would try vegan cheese again, and might even buy them once in awhile. I'm sure if any of the testers tried Chao, they would be very impressed. And while I haven't been able to try the new FYH cheese myself, from everything I've heard, it's up there with my beloved Chao. I'm so glad Chao and FYH exist, because if you notice in the video, the super expensive nut cheeses are the ones that impressed, and I agree with their opinions. Truth be told, I never even really liked Daiya all that much, but I guess it was the novelty of a vegan cheese that melts or something. The smell and the texture always kind of bothered me. I don't want shreds that feel wet. Dylan of course disagrees with all of us, which is why I haven't changed the name of this blog. He snubs his nose at Chao, and yearns for Daiya.
If you're interested, and haven't already seen them, here's another, and another. I think they're entertaining, and it helps to see where we need to make improvements if we want to really make vegan food mainstream. I want to live in a McVegan world, where all of the fast food places have to switch to beast burgers, and Gardein due to high customer demand!
I'm off to the Co-op, Dylan is demanding more Coco Whip! He sometimes sits, staring at the fridge, as if he can will the door open, and will the Coco Whip to land right in front of him! I've created a monster.

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