Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now

Another pantry raid dinner!
I made the strangest, but yet still tasty pasta dish last night. While cleaning out my cupboards, I discovered less than half of a box of lasagne noodles. I also had half of a bag of whole wheat fusilli pasta, so I made a lentil and tofu ricotta lasagne, with fusilli pasta as the top layer. I used tomato paste and made a super quick sauce, and also made a cashew cream sauce. It was tasty, and interesting. My cupboards are so bare now! I've used almost all of my rice, I've now gone through all of my half packages of pasta, except for a half package of pad Thai noodles, which I will use this week. Cooking from my cupboards has been a fun, creative, and tasty experience, not to mention good practice for when I have an almost non-existent food budget!
I only have five, six at the most days left in this city! I can hardly believe it. Although I should be much more nervous about my move, I feel calm. My gut is letting me know this is the right decision. It isn't going to be easy, and it's going to be scary at first, but I feel like I'm going home. I can smell the Seattle air! What I can really smell is happiness, or at least happy adjacent. I will be able to shop at Trader Joe's! Not to mention so many thrift shops! I could go on and on. Every song and quote about not knowing what you have till it's gone, and taking things for granted, etc. has been taking up space in my brain for three+ years! I feel like when all of that is gone, and the sad, lonely cobwebs have been cleared, I will have all of this space for new thought and feelings. I love when I have space and am open to new thoughts! I feel alive in a way I haven't felt for a really long time. I've realized how scarily easy it is to sink super deep into a dark hole of depression, and not even really realize it. If I wouldn't have had this blog to vent to/on, I would probably be in much worse mental shape. I plan on getting at least one update in while traveling. And of course as soon as I get set up in Seattle I will pick it right back up. That is if I can afford internet. Ha. It's okay if I can't afford internet, it's not like there's a shortage of coffee shops with free Wi-Fi! Although it might be embarrassing to do my hip hop abs workout at the coffee shop. Ha.
This post, and the next couple of posts might be more scattered and all over the place than usual, but I just am feeling so many different things, I just feel super spacey, so please bear with me!
I want to reiterate how amazingly rich, creamy, and truly decadent the So Delicious cashew milk ice cream is. It is hands down the creamiest ice cream, vegan or not that I've ever had. I can't imagine a single non vegan who wouldn't be BLOWN AWAY by this stuff. I also came across this blog post, and I though it was a great, well written post on clean eating, and all of the ridiculousness that goes along with food judgment.

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